Monday, January 14, 2013

Making: Knitted Bracelet... a.k.a. Distraction

Why pack yarn when you can knit it?

While much was accomplish on Saturday... Sunday was a much different story. Well, that is not totally true. Much was accomplish. It just had nothing to do with moving across the continent.

I spent much of the day knitting. I had it in my mind to knit a bracelet. I had a wee bit of yarn to pack. The logical thing to do was to knit of course.

The one seen in the photos above is prototype one. Lets not talk about prototype two... I have prototype three on my wrist as I type this... four is off the needles waiting for a button and five has made it to the buttonhole and I am sure will come off the needles before breakfast.

I really like the little seed stitch bracelet found in this book but I wanted something with more texture in the stitch pattern. While packing earlier I found a pattern (from one of those groovy little knit a day calenders) for an extended twin rib dishcloth, that I stitched up right away. I found that I loved the stitch.

Now just to make it work for a bracelet. As you can see by all the prototypes I am perfecting it... and auditioning different yarns and buttons. I do like how this button I dug out of my button stash looks like a snap. And so far the organic cotton is leading the way in yarn selection.

This first one was a bit big for my petite wrists... which is kinda funny because my wrists are the only thing you could call petite about me. Seems the rest of my body did not get the "make her petite" memo.

I reduced the number of stitches and I am currently working out just how wide I want it to be... a fun distraction for the moment. I will share the pattern when I figure it all out.

This stitch has a whole lot of switching back and forth between knit and purl. It makes me thankful that I was taught Continental style knitting back in college. I hear English style knitters complain about stitches like this.

What style do you knit?

If you have not learned yet I would recommend finding someone to teach you Continental or left-handed style. I love it. It is fast and easy on the hands and wrists.

Ella is doing her 30 day challenges again and I am going to join her and a few friends. Just so happens that this is knit month.


  1. Looking forward to your pattern, it looks lovely. I am an English Style knitter. After watching your link though I might have to try Continental...

    Happy Monday!

    1. Let me know if you try it Kim. It might take a little bit of practice but I think it would be worth it in the end.

    2. I would love to try this, would you share your pattern?

  2. This looks really nice! These bracelets would make great gifts! I have also thought of making some, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I am crocheting though, so they would look a bit different.
    And these are actually the type of buttons I've been looking for for the newsboy hats I've been making, do you remember where you bought those by any chance?

    1. I love these buttons too. They are from my stash and I have a feeling they came from a bag of buttons my mom sent my way... She has an old bubble gum machine full of buttons. And lots of other button stashes hidden around her sewing room. While I plan to ask her I don't think she will have a source.
      If you find a source please let me know. I will do the same if I find them somewhere.

  3. i need to teach myself to knit continental. been saying that for years and years but really, must.

    1. Yes. You must ;-)
      It makes the knit-purl-knit-purl business sooooo easy.