Monday, October 29, 2012

Making & Decorating

Making here today. And decorating for Halloween. Finally.

Pausing to capture our project progress reminded me of how funny life can be sometimes. Chances of seeing decorating show up in the detritus of our work. One.

I am giving a presentation at the library this weekend about quick quality homemade gifts.

Extra making going on to share.

I will share here too. Next week.

Wishing you a great start to your week...


  1. love that photo! hope your presentation goes smoothly :)

    1. Thanks.
      It is funny that I am a bit nervous about the presentation. Going over things in my head. Can't believe I was up in front of people everyday for years but now it has been years since. Looking forward to it.

  2. I wish you lived in my community! What a cool thing.

    1. I would LOVE that Annie! I will be sure to share the ideas here next week. I think it will be fun.