Monday, November 19, 2012

A Day in Life: Monday

And there were...
cuddles under patchwork blankets,
dirt thrown in eyes,
little squabbles,
books read aloud,
time with friends,
a trip to the fabric shop on the way home,
requests to keep hands to yourself,
tears shed over a lost game,
reminiscing and laughter about stuffed animals and dolls loved in the past,
homemade chicken soup,
and goodnight kisses & hugs,
along with all the other ordinary life stuff... for which I am forever grateful.
A typical Monday.

~ I thought it might be fun to pick a random day to record our moments in a little more detail. I had just started the fire when I decided this would be as good a day as any to begin. Last Monday the kids looked at me with a little more suspicion than usual as I snapped away throughout our day.

I love the record it created...

I will do another day soon... maybe Tuesday... maybe another day all together. Eventually making it through the entire week.

If you would like to play along record a day in photos, words or both, post it, then come back here to leave a link. It would be fun to see what your day looks like.


  1. What a full, beautiful day! It's funny, I've been thinking about something like this for a little while, thanks for the little push I needed:-) Will come back & link when I get mine up.

    Oh, and I love the paper trees:-)

    Have a great day!

    1. Great! Looking forward to seeing your day Michelle...
      I will share how we made those paper trees soon. Super fun!

  2. what a full monday! wow. and so much making and creating. i love this. i especially love how y'all keep your dmc floss on clothespins...brilliant!

    1. That idea comes from the amazing Lisa over a lil fish studios... love it too.

  3. Hi dear,
    I'm new in your blog and I like it very much!
    those pictures are amazing!!
    hope to see you in my blog