Friday, November 9, 2012

Week of Handmade: A Miscellaneous Collection

Some projects just don't fit into a neat category... so they are here in the land of Miscellaneous!

1. Button Push Pins

It has been awhile since I made these but I am pretty sure they were inspired by the book Button it up.

They are as simple as gluing buttons onto push pins. 
A set of these would make a great companion gift with an inspiration board. 

2. Inspiration (or supply) Board

Once again turning to reinvention for inspiration I made this supply board for our crafty/school/nature/mud room.

Within reach of the desk, it keeps all of our most frequently used supplies close at hand. Any crafty person I know would love a well supplied board for there own making space.

Next up is a true Inspiration Board with just a few pockets and lots of space for pinning up inspirational bits.

3. Driftwood Tic-Tac-Toe

Pieced together with driftwood (or other clean sticks) this is a quick gift. We used string to attach the pieces. While sticks could be used to make 'X's we chose rocks and shells for our game pieces.

Sarah's review of Green Crafts for Children brought this idea to my attention. We have given away a few of these sets in little muslin bags. Great fun.

4. Nature Exchange

It is great fun to receive a package in the mail. Even more fun is when that package is filled with tiny tissue packages holding nature treasures from a far away land.

I wrote more about how to go about doing a nature exchange on the ROTH blog this summer.

5. Shadow Box

Shadow Boxes are a wonderful way to preserve memories. We have made a few nature shadow boxes as gifts and have plans to make shadow boxes from the nature exchanges we have done in the past... British Columbia, Spain, Australia, Louisiana... A fun international collection for our walls!

My mom made me a set of shadow boxes with items from each set of my grandparents. They are cherished meaningful gifts I look at daily happy to have those items preserved in a special way.

The options for shadow boxes really are endless...

6. Homemade Stamps

We have caught the bug here. Homemade stamps are being made daily with all kinds of fun results.

While the stamp itself (or a set of them) could be given as a gift, there are also many other gifts that could be made using the stamp. 

A few ideas:
Stationary set
Personalized wrapping paper
Journal with stamped cover (or tiny stamps on the corner of each page)
Stamped T-shirt using fabric markers for the ink 

I can't recommend highly enough to get a Speedball Linoleum Cutter for stamp making. It made all the difference for the kiddos to carve in a safe way... so much safer and with more control than an Xacto knife. And it sure helped me add more detail to my own creations.

While doing all this sharing I have also been doing lots of making this week... more fun projects to share next week along with a few tutorials.

And a big Thank you for all your comments and e-mails! 

Do you have any fun quick projects that would make great gifts? Please do share in the comments!

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