Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekending... a bit late

Catching up on laundery... thank you to The Working Man.

A crafternoon with the girls.
First eggnog of the season. A treat. treat. treat.

Jack Frost cool enough to lay a thin layer of ice on the Bay... and everything else.

Remembrance Day Ceremony. With her Guide Unit. Nervous... she threw up. A Remembrance Day to remember.
Now more laundery... after a calming warm bath she is fine.

Called my dad to say Thank You!

Getting inspired by little bits Quilting Bee. So good.

Making. Making. Making.

Writing. Sketching.

Kids on the floor drawing. Crayons. Colored penciles. Pens. Scattered. The work of imagination in progress

Sunday roasted chicken.

Harvesting from the cold frames... I may mention that many times this winter. Continually amazed by this winter gardening thing.

Hope you had a wonderful weeekend.

Weekending with Amanda.


  1. sounds like it was a wonderful weekend. I can almost smell the chicken roasting.

    1. Thanks for stopping by this little blog!
      It was a beautiful weekend in NS for sure! Hope you had time to enjoy it too.
      And roasting chicken on Sunday is the best!

  2. oh poor miss f. i hope it wasn't terribly traumatic for her.

    and delicate and lovely!

    1. She is doing great now. It did raise some fears about going away to camp this weekend. She is over it now and excited.
      I tried to send Jack Frost down your way but I think he was afraid he would melt! :)

  3. gorgeous frost-kissed loveliness, and that sunshine too!

    1. Isn't it pretty! I could not help but get out there and capture it.