Sunday, November 25, 2012


Rainy day. Make & play, make & play... repeat throughout the day.

A trip to the comic/game shop.. affectionately known around here as the "nerd" shop... with no complaints from the little man.

New dice games... with new dice.

Christmas music in the rotation in earnest.

Clouds parting just long enough for rainbow spotting... before the skies darkened once again.

Cranberry sauce... again... with no complaints from the little lady.

Wool. Lots of wool. Cutting and stitching... To be shared soon.

Reading. Ox-Cart Man the favorite of the day.

Watching. Little House on the Prairie Christmas shows... proof that Christmas was stressful even back then.

More making and playing on the agenda today with a hike added to the mix... need a weekend hike!

Anything exciting... or perfectly normal... happening in your neck of the woods this weekend?

Weekending with the lovely Amanda...


  1. Sounds like a full & wonderful weekend! I love the rainbow photos and looking forward to seeing what you're making with the wool...

    I joined in this weekend, here's my post

    Oh, and we're reading Farmer Boy now, I love Laura Ingalls Wilder too:-)

    Wishing you a lovely start to your week!

  2. Thanks Michelle!
    We are reading Big Woods now... started with Prairie. Farmer Boy is next on the list. Such great book and bring up all kinds of interesting conversations.
    A bit of wool project sharing coming up later this week...

  3. I love Little house anything-Our Christmas music has been playing and my husband fixed the pandora to play on the tv for more variety!!

    1. We are just getting into little house... the kids are both lovin' it.

  4. we are huge lhotp fans here (both books and show).

    must ask: the dice game you mentioned, would you recommend it? my 9yo mentioned seeing some boys at the library playing a dice game and wondered what it was...he's hinted several times...not sure if he truly wants to play the game or just have cool dice so i'm investigating a bit.

    1. This is the first time the kids have seen the show. They were little resistant at first but they thought it was great.

      This weekend they were just messing around adding up what they rolled. But they got hooked on dice playing Yhatzee. Has he seen Yhatzee before? Can't imagine that is what was being played at the library.

      The dice we purchased were just a variety box. We were really just looking for another 20-sided die so we could have two. We use them for math but also for playing games the little man (and big man) make up with the tanks and other military equipment/soldiers, as in... you have to roll a 20 to blow up my tank, or your sniper needs between a 5 and 10 to get my guy... So much more civilized than the previous "I got your guy! No, you didn't!"

      Still thinking of more non-violent, cooperative uses..." You rolled a 4, now you knit 4 stitches...working together we will get it done!" Ha!

      The box we picked up had 8 that looked like the ones on this page:

      If you figure out a cool dice game please do let us know!