Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday snippets

Solstice was spent here with snow on the ground, a hike to the creek and a fire out back.

Then we made our way to Maine for Christmas and had a wonderful quite Christmas with Grandma and Papa.
It was a cool beautiful day for a Christmas eve hike at Reversing Falls. Followed up by our traditional Mexican food Christmas eve dinner. Yum.

There was lots of play with still quite new to the family little kitties. Wrapping gifts with that little orange ball of fun was filled with laughs... and a few ouch moments.

The ladies of the family spent some time getting inspired by watching Quilting Arts episodes and Artful Lettering. Amazing inspiration coming from many creative folks!

Now we are home and settling in... playing with and learning about new toys and tools. More to share about some of those goodies later...

This weekend will see the tree and other festive decorations come down and be packed away until next year.

Typically I am a day after Christmas (or as soon as we get home) take the decorations down kinda gal but I have a bit of the flu... just achy body and head ache. Thankful that none of the other flu like symptoms have shown up. I have been resting up and watching the kiddos get to know some of their new art supplies and of course build new Lego creations...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday & have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos. My daughter loves the snail in the moss in particular. Best for the new year to your and your family.

    1. Thank you!!
      I do love those sea snails... we don't find them here in NS so they are a little nature treat to find there in Maine.

  2. love the winter beach photos! hope you feel better soon. I stripped the decorations, but left the little white lights. I'll likely leave those up for winter.

    1. Thanks Molly!
      I am with you on the little white lights. I don't currently have any but thinking of getting some just to have up for the rest of winter here...

  3. Your snapshots are beautiful!! Thank you for showing the woods and water in the month of December.Nova Scotia- I have always wanted to visit there.

    1. Thanks Lisa.
      Nova Scotia is defintely worth visiting. The beauty and history are wonderful... along with the nicest people you will meet.