Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Making: Happy Garland Message Hoop

Yesterday I was one of those parents.
You know the ones.
Those parents who do the science fair project for the kid...
Those parents who write up the term paper...
Yes. Those parents.

My defense:
The truth and nothing but the truth...

She needed to bring a handmade gift to the Christmas party last night. No rule said it had to be handmade by her (insert lots of excuses about being out of town and on and on here.)

She poured over the crafty books I had on hand and was frustrated. Nothing looked like something she would want... or had the skills to make herself.

She finally saw this little happy garland message hoop. I knew she did not have all the skills needed. She knew she did not have all the skills needed. I agreed to make it. We agreed to work together.

I had been secretly looking for a fine excuse to make this sweet little message board for some time. I jumped at the chance to put it together. 

She helped me pick fabric for the flags. We used some scraps I had from another project that already had fusible web attached to the back. This made attaching the little flags as quick as a press with the iron. Then the sewing, while detailed, was easy.

She was there for support... reading jokes from her big joke book... as I cut and ironed and stitched.

We I used a glue gun... the clock was ticking...  to attach a felt circle onto the back.

Is it just too cute?

She was really happy that the girl who picked her package in the Secret Santa exchange was really excited about it. That made me happy too.

So will you forgive me? I really don't want to be one of those parents. It just happened!

The book is Zakka Style compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale. Love!
The sewing kit I made from this book can be found at the end of the Week of Handmade: Simple Sewing Ideas ~ Day 1 post.


  1. It's adorable!! What a great way to use up those tiny precious scraps.

    And I promise not to tell:-)

    1. Thanks Michelle ;-)
      And yes... I am looking at my tiny scraps in a whole new light now!

  2. I think it's adorable!

  3. it's adorable - thinking of making one myself now!