Monday, December 3, 2012

Road Trip: Maine

It was quick.
Lots of driving.
Halifax to Portland & back in four days...
We tagged along on a business trip.

Visited with Grandma and Papa in between.
A peek at Grandma's gallery and Papa's bookshop in downtown Eastport. So great.

Always inspired by Grandma's creating. And I could get lost among Papa's books for days & days...

Beautiful sunsets. Steaming morning sea. Looking out for moose. Stitching. Knitting. Reading. Drawing. Listening as we ride along.

Rain. A bit of snow. Cold. Windy.

A brief introduction to a city I have wanted to visit for years. Art. Books. Fabric... oh the goodness to be found there...

Always love a good road trip!

Wishing you a wonderful start to your week.


Patricia wrote about "Several short sentences about writing" here.


  1. Sounds like a glorious trip!

    Is the stitching with the ladybug your work? I love it!

    Hope you're liking the Klinkenborg book.

    1. That adorable ladybug stitching is the work of my mother-in-law. She is amazing with needle and thread... and paint... and yarn...and any other art/craft supply she finds in hand!
      I am liking the book... reading it slowly.

  2. love seeing all the stitching! and business trips are good excuses to sneak in a little away time especially with the added bonus of seeing grandparents.

    i have the klinkenborg book and am savoring it...forcing myself to read it at a snail's pace :)

    1. Yes. I could not pass on this trip!
      Snail's pace is really the only way to read that book.

  3. Oh I do so miss Maine, Portland is just lovely this time of year. Sounds like you had a dreamy time on your road trip:-)