Sunday, December 9, 2012


The weekend started Friday with a quick assessment of the pantry.
The realization that I could squeeze out one more dinner and a Saturday breakfast quickly replaced shopping with beach hike.
Good decision mom!
Lots of pretty frosty beach discoveries. Rock collecting. Shell collecting. A mink. And this jaw bone mystery.
Then a chat with sweet friend... with those adorable little almost 1-year-old sounds in the background. Awwww.
Some cleaning out and rearranging spaces.
And the watching of Prancer.

Saturday brought a trip to the coffee shop for warm drinks. A family state capital quiz began complete with game show style shout outs... "Sacramento!" "Santa Fe!" "Raleigh!"
We picked up our tree in the rain.
A date with my little lady sent us down to Peggy's Cove. Taking the long way into the big city. A stop at the map shop and the Maritime Museum. Sweet out-of-the-way shopping and learning. Great rainy day date!
Quick dinner that involved sauerkraut. Yum.
Stitching. Reading. More stitching.

Today offers tree trimming.
A long hike at one of our favorite spots in Nova Scotia.
Digging into Vol. 10 of Alphabet Glue. Yay!
And of course that put off grocery shopping... and more stitching.

What are you doing this weekend?

Weekending with Amanda... who is closing up her Cozy Up! shop today. So head over for your own cozy. I love mine. Check out this post for a little discount code you can use today.


  1. Oh my goodness your first photo made my heart skip a beat! I LOVE Peggy's Cove!! Isn't it a magical place. Sounds like you had a full, wonderful December weekend:-)

    I played along this week too, it's such a good way to step back from all the business & take a deep breath.


    1. PC is a very special place. I love going out there!
      Have a great week!

  2. oh that lighthouse! be still my beating heart.

    1. Thought you might like that pic! Such a beloved place!