Wednesday, January 2, 2013


My brain is feeling a bit like this....

and this...

these days...

But along with that jumble of scrappy, carved out, throw away bits and that hopelessly tangled mess of hairline thread I see bright, shiny, hopeful productivity.

And that is just the way 2013 kicked off. With a flurry of sketching up plans, putting scissors to fabric... followed up quickly with needle and thread.

Much lies ahead for this here little family. While there is excitment, there is still much uncertainty about the whole endeavor. I am finding more and more that, along with nature, making is helping me find balance these days. Balance and hope for all that is to come.

I love the idea of hopeful productivity. Putting oneself into something productive really is a hopeful act on so many levels. I like that!

I have never been real big into the making of resolutions at the new year but over the years I have always loved to read Lori's take on the topic. She has changed the way I feel about entering into the new year with goals and intentions. She came through again this year with a great post about focusing on the positive as you try to enact change in your life.

So while I am in the middle of the fragments and jumbled up messy bits of life at the moment I will continue on the path of positive hopeful productivty! A perfect way to kick off the new year.


  1. Positive hopeful productivity...I like that. I find nature and creating help to bring balance to my life as well. Thanks for the link to Lori's post.

    1. You are so welcome Kim. Lori writes some wonderful things!

  2. Anything that starts with thread and fabric can only be full of goodness.
    My scrambled brain always feels better after some brainstorming on a piece of paper and then an outline of a to-do list ;-)

  3. love how colorful your scraps are! a bundle of cheer :)

  4. thank you so much re: the goals & resolutions ... i’ve written quite a bit on that subject! i think it’s because i love goals so much and i *depend* on them — i want everyone to have a good experience.

    the phrase “hopeful productivity” is wonderful. :)