Sunday, March 10, 2013


This weekend started out with...
a light morning snow
and a boy made maze math race game.
Casting on... but only getting that far.
The coffee shop.
The hardware store.
Cutting fabric... but only getting that far.
This from the library... gunslingers, saloons, law men with tin stars, and flamboyant judges... Oh. My!
Afternoon bubble baths for the kiddos and
totally kiddo approved almond crusted chicken.
An unexpected dinner guest... a young buck grazing along the back fence.
Talk of community, sustainability, independence, and interdependence and
cozy moments next to the fire excited by the inspiration found in this book...

Today holds...
some hiking,
some seed sowing (yes! already! yay!)
some reading,
some writing,
some snuggling,
hopefully some sewing of the other sort,
and I am sure some more of the unexpected.

Weekending inspired by Amanda...


  1. What a busy weekend filled with so many wonderful activities.
    Enjoy your planting, I will be doing the same here in SC, busy times ahead.

    1. I am looking forward to seeing how things grow here... a much, much longer growing season.