Monday, May 13, 2013

A Scrappy Problem Solved: Scrap Cards

I have a problem. 
It is hard for me to toss out even the smallest scrap of fabric. Even those edge bits that are all frayed and can't really be used for anything else. They pile up on my desk next to my sewing machine until I have finally had enough and throw them away. I am not typically a hoarder but those little bits of fabric bring out the worst in me. 

Last night I wanted to sew but really needed a no-brainer project. I also realized that I needed to make up some cards for some letters to be written. In fact I almost purchased stationary this weekend but resisted because I had plans to carve some stamps and make up some stationary. At some point! 
The two needs came together in perfect harmony with these cards. And I got to use up my pretty little fabric scraps!

They are messy and fun and frayed and I love the way they turned out. I did not do much planning. That is where the no-brainer part comes in... 
Sometimes I laid down many layers and sewed them all at once, which caused a bit of bunching up that I liked. Other times I just sewed layers after layers until it was time to stop. As the bits of thread began to pile up I picked them up to toss them in the trash, then decided to use them too!

So I wrote a few notes this morning and will be heading to the post this afternoon... Yay!

If you have a scrappy problem you might want to check out this new flickr group for inspiration. I also found this neat board this morning for fabric scrap ideas.

What have you made with fabric scraps?
Have you found a use for something that was bound for the trash? 
Please share in the comments. Links are welcome too. I would love to see!


  1. Love these!! And I have at least three bags of scraps just waiting to be used :)

    My little man uses some of my scrapes for his own crafting fun. We have also used really small pieces and hung them in trees around the yard hoping the birds might use them for a nest.

    1. Thanks Kim!
      It would be fun to see them in a nest!

  2. I think this is a wonderful idea! I also love your taste in fabric :)

    1. Thanks Karen!
      I was thinking it would be kinda fun to mess with this idea using yarn too! :-)