Thursday, June 6, 2013

Make & Listen Along

~ On Thursdays I will post what I have been making and listening to as creations grow. 
If so inclined post, on your blog or flickr, about what you have been making (on your own or with little hands by your side) and listening to while you create. It can be new music, flash backs, a song or a whole album... whatever you like. You can be stitching with needle & thread, yarn, paper crafting, painting, cooking... and beyond. Share what you are making and the tunes that are fueling your creativity. Then come back to my Thursday Make & Listen Along post and leave a link in the comments so we can be inspired right along with you! ~

While I make a big pile of stuff in the garage... which will soon make its way to the donation bins at the thrift shop... others makings have been put on hold. 

There is one place in the house where the making never gets put on hold. The kitchen of course!

Last weekend I made nut bars. I make them a few times a month and they don't stick around long. 

I first stumbled across this recipe on flickr. Shared by this creative lady

Here is my version. Which looks just like her version but I am going to tell you which nuts and seeds I use.

Nutty Bars

Dry Ingredients to combine in large bowl:
2 1/2 cups nuts & seeds 
   1 cup to rough chop 
   (I use 1/2 cup each roasted almonds and walnuts)
   1 1/2 cups very finely chopped in the food processor 
   (I use 1/2 cup each almonds & walnuts, 1/4 cup each sunflower & sesame seeds.)
1 cup dried fruit 
(I use raisins) 
2 cups shredded coconut

I rough chop nuts on a cutting board.

Combine the nuts and seeds to be processed. 

Process until they look something like this. Don't make nut & seed butter.

Combine all nuts & seeds with the other dry ingredients.

Wet Ingredients to boil in small sauce pan:
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup honey
Splash vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
Cinnamon (1 tsp or to taste)

Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan. Heat over LOW.

In about 3-4 minutes it will start to boil. Don't leave it. This happens fast.

 Combine the wet with the dry ingredients. The wet will get soaked right up but make sure you coat everything with some of that sweet coconut mixture!

Line a baking pan with parchment. I use a 9x12 pan for thinner bars but a smaller pan would work too.
Use what ya got.

Pour everything into the pan. Using an oiled hand or another sheet of parchment press really firmly until spread out and firm. Now press a bit more.

Refrigerate or if you are impatient like we are... freeze. When cool and set cut into bars. I pop the whole big sheet of bars onto a cutting board and take my big knife to cut down the middle long ways then into bars. Easy!

These tend to be a bit crumbly. I keep them in the refrigerator after they are cut. We do take them out hiking but they are best eaten right out of the frig. It all depends on your tolerance for crumbly things!

They go so fast I did not even get a chance to take pictures of the finished bars last weekend.

I did make some pretty pictures of flowers and rocks (which I resisted collecting) while the rest of the family munched on their nutty bars during a hiking break!

I have been thinking a lot about some new music but have settled on nothing yet. Until then the usuals cycle through.

I did listen to this while hubby watched it the other night. Amazing.

And there has been lots of time is being spent outdoors listening to the birds, crickets, and rushing water. The soothing symphony of nature!

What have you been making?
What is on your play list?
Please do share!

P.S. There were so many great comments on yesterdays post I am encouraged to write a bit more on the topic. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe, might have to forgo our granola bar recipe and try yours soon :)

    The symphony of nature has been our playlist around here too :)

    1. It is crumbly and when the kids were younger I probably would have broken it up to put it in a bowl to eat more like granola but let me know what you think if you try it!

  2. Those nutty bars look oh-so-yummy! Thank you for sharing :)

    Hope you are all enjoying the week.

    1. They are good. I will try to get a shot of the actual bar sometime :-)
      Thanks for joining in this week!

  3. I'm finally joining in! I really need to make some bars to take along on our hikes. I don't have a food processor yet though...I suppose if i chopped forever I could make them anyway! :)

    So here's what I made this week:

    1. Ha! I have had the recipe for years but did not have a food processor. Which I love and use almost every day now. I was just thinking that you could use almond meal and just leave the walnuts and seeds for the rough chop nuts.
      See my comment to Kim about these bars with little people. :-)
      Let me know if you try it!
      So happy you shared this week. I am excited to see your new creations with that machine of yours!

  4. Mmmm they sound yummy!
    I posted this morning, and started numbering my make & listen. Mine came up to twelve posts! I am pretty sure I haven't missed a week yet..

    1. I love that you counted them up. Amazing we have been doing this for twelve weeks already!
      So happy to have you along!
      Love your new project!

  5. after seeing that recipe i wish we weren't a nut free house!

    our week of making and listening:

    1. :-( I know. We eat amazing amounts of nuts around here!
      Thanks for joining in this week!

  6. Thanks for the recipe! I think I could eat the who batch :)

    1. They do go super fast. I had to make sure I set some aside for my guy when they are made while he is a work!
      Let me know if you make them!

  7. That looks DELICIOUS! I am so making them this weekend.
    I adore your blog Dawn.

    1. Thanks so much Steph!
      They will defiantly need to stay in the frig in your TX heat!
      Let me know what you think if you make them!