Sunday, June 2, 2013



Our weekending started on Friday...

Making nut bars & granola at breakfast.
Time in the garden.
A trip to the library & other places about town.

Roasted chicken the girl said looked like the dead squirrel she saw on the trail. 
Popcorn & veggies for dinner instead. 
Chicken soup put to simmer. 

Nursing a poor young bird that hit the big window. 
Sadly it did not make it. Working on a solution to make our large windows safer for birds today.

Growing pains.
Sleeping in. 

Cleaning out. What to keep? What goes?
Boxing up things to mail. Things to share.
More organizing. 
You would think I could have done this before the big move!

Finishing this. Starting this. Which I find beyond ironic that the library wrapped in plastic. I know why but...
Do you see a trend?

Almond Maple Brownies after dinner. 
Reading this on the porch swing at sunset.

Lovin' this sweet book about missing home, finding something to call your own, and friendship. When the little man picked it off the shelf at the library I could not have imagined how perfect it would be for us right now.

Meatballs going into the crockpot again for Sunday dinner. Such a great meal to come home to... 
We are off to the mountains for a hike and a trip to the cutest local bookshop to pick up this book. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday.

Weekending with the lovely Amanda!


  1. Sounds lovely. Enjoy your hike and Jon's book :)

  2. oh growing pains :( never fun.

    love that there has been so much reading in your house! i know our librarians have a love/hate relationship with our weekly visit because the four older kids get SO MANY BOOKS.

    have fun in durango!

    1. Funny about the librarians. I really miss our old library/librarians! I used to apologize about putting do many books on hold and they always thought it was great to see the kiddos take out so many books. Here they just limit your holds so you can only have a few at a time! :-(

  3. When I moved here I moved all of my donations with me :/ I never got the chance to drop them off! You do take the most beautiful photos :)

    1. Some "donations" came with us too! Time runs so short in the end...
      Thank you about my photos. :-)

  4. what a wonderfully full and rich weekend! enjoy the week ahead :)

  5. Thank you for the book link, it sounds like something I could really get into.
    Have a great Monday.

  6. beautiful! loving all your photos as well. Just fabulous! xo

  7. Hi dear,your pictures are always so beautiful..and simple,of course!
    Good evening :D

  8. Thanks for the book link ups! I've been looking for a few good things to read. Also I will be joining you on Thursday finally!

    1. Great KC! Looking forward to seeing what you have been making!