Monday, June 10, 2013



Our weekending started on Friday...

Discovering a baby pickling cucumber. Hope for the garden!
Trying to go to the splash & play park in town, but finding it to crowded for the liking of a certain little lady, we came home to splash & play around out back. While I "watered" the trees of course.

Being happy & relived to hear that those I know near the turmoil in the news are shaken but safe.

Reading more of Mrs. Frisby, starting Pippi Longstocking, and thus beginning the bedtimes when I read two chapters of each because they love them both so...

A lazy Saturday with a roast in early, lots of reading, discussions about the reading, Lego building, chatting with my brother over the phone, planning, more reading, a trip to the library with my gal (For more books to read. She checked out a bag full of these.), and watching this after the kiddos were in bed. So informative.

Sunday found us having a late breakfast, spending time on the porch swing, watching the gentle breeze help fuzzy seeds take flight, hiking along the river, making camping reservation for a long trip at the end of summer, and yes... more reading.

How was your weekend? 

Weekending with the lovely Amanda!

Oh, and be sure to enter the giveaway for Kindred. Two copies are up for grabs!


  1. sounds like a lovely weekend! mrs. frisby and pippi -- two of our all time favorites. and i like the sounds of planning ahead for the long end of the summer :)

  2. What a weekend, and I'm jealous you have a porch swing. I just have a swing but would love a porch to go with it. Love the blooms you shared in your photos. Great weekend!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Camping, where are you headed?

    1. Missoula, Montana with stops in Yellowstone and Dinosaur National Monument. I am super excited!

  4. Our weekend was lazy. It rained on Sunday perfect excuse to stay inside and bake. I did sew though. Making a skirt for V and embroidering it as well!

  5. I LOVED the secret of nihm as a child and look forward to reading the book to my daughter in the near future. pippi is also on my bedtime-chapter-book-reading list for her. a long camping trip sounds wonderful~