Sunday, August 18, 2013


This weekend started up early Saturday to take the Jeep in for an oil change. Fun stuff! But the saving grace was the walk to the Farmer's Market and Museum while we waited.

Local honey, tomatoes, basil, and plums found their way into our bags. We bought some postcards to share, after being inspired by KC's postcard exchange, and walked through the very cool traveling art exhibit on display right now. Fuel for creativity for sure. The museum is right on the river with a wonderful garden leading down to the water. A very nice place to wait for the more mundane things in life to find their end. 

On the way home we stopped by the nature center and ran into the entomologist we had met there before. He invited us to come up to his lab at the college. There is some excitement around here about that! Can you say Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches! Oh. My!

Some bug related garden planning took place and a mini seed study began. So many different shapes and sizes those seeds.

The Dad found fossils on the job site and that was cause for more excitement and made the fact that he had to work Saturday sting slightly less.

The batiks came out along with my sketchbook. Some ideas coming to fabric.

Late night sewing always finds me putting my work under the light and I found that wine and sewing go nicely together. Don't you think?

I am working on a piece to submit to Kindred. The fall issue is themed Harvest and submissions are due at the beginning of September! (Did you know a few copies of Issue Three are still available? You should check it out if you have not already. My favorite project to date is in that one, along with all kinds of other goodness from amazingly talented contributors!)

Today the agenda looks like waffles, reading, games, hiking, more sewing and I am sure a movie will be tossed into the mix by the time we reach the lazy Sunday afternoon stage. 

What have you been doing this weekend?

Weekending with the lovely Amanda!


  1. sounds like a beautiful weekend. and the batik - gah! so lovely.

    i don't sew but wine and knitting do go hand in hand. as does wine and embroidery :)

    ps: xoxo for the shout out

  2. Thanks for the link up! Your batiks are so beautiful. I can't believe the image you made of the grasses. It looks like trees. It looks so much like cottonwoods in bloom!

    Sounds like you had a really fabulous weekend. Our weekend calm and tranquil. V who will be two tomorrow is feeling a bit out of sorts (turning two can do that to a girl) and for that we took it easy.

    1. Those grasses were so tall. Super neat!
      I remember the days of turning two. Fun times!

  3. Every single photo here is gorgeous but I especially love that first shot with the bee! Amazing :-)

    1. Thank you Melissa! That bee was staying quite still. A nice change from the bee chasing I usually do ;-)

  4. being able to see bugs up close and personal would excite anyone, right?? wine doesn't mix with knitting either just in case you were wondering. I think it goes with family chats and friendship round ups. Not with crafting. I wish when I get my oil changed I could walk to a farmer's lucky gal.

    1. Yes, wine with friends & family chats is very nice too!
      The location of all of those things so close does make it nice... occupying little ones in the mechanic waiting room is never all that fun! ;-)

  5. gorgeous photos! And I have always found wine to be a good pairing with sewing. Loosening me up helps the creativity flow ^_^