Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Introducing: Mud Puddles to Meteors

Long before we started packing, or even knew we were going to move to New Mexico, I got an email from Annie one morning asking if I wanted to work with her on a "little" project, a nature oriented project. Of course I said a quick, "YES!" All these months later that little project has turned into quite a few big and super amazing projects. And as it would be, the one that came to mind last actually became a reality first: a blog to share our own nature experiences with our wonderfully curious kiddos, and to create a community of like minded nature enthusiasts who are working to instill a love of nature, the world all around us everyday, into the next generation.

Annie and I first met while writing for a nature blog that is no longer active. We were the last two contributors trying to keep things rolling at a time when life was getting more and more hectic. A few years later and here we find ourselves creating our own little world on the internet at just the right time for us to focus on fostering more authentic nature experiences for our own children. With her move from Vermont to the big city near Boston, and my move away from the easy access of the ocean and forest right out the door, everything is new. We have been sharing our new finds and experiences at local rivers, ponds, beaches, parks, museums, and nature centers. This sharing usually consists of texting each other photos of crazy things like mating beetles (that would be me) and super cool cicadas (that would be Annie) about a gazillion times a day. Why not extend the sharing to the larger community?

That is what our new blog Mud Puddles to Meteors is all about: sharing. We are planning on sharing projects, activities, and inspiration to look for the nature that is all around us, everyday. We are also inviting the community of nature lovers, parents, and educators to share there own experiences and sightings to contribute to the site. In that way it becomes something bigger than the two of us and extends beyond our reach, out to inspire others to invest in the nature literacy of our children.

I hope you will click over and check it out. There are a lot of cool things already going on over there, with lots more to come!


  1. First things first: Dawn, your photography is so wonderful and because of that you make me pick up my big camera more often than my little one! Thank you for that! ;)

    Secondly, I am amazed at what you can do and so excited for what this new blog will bring. I am loving it already!

    1. Thank you so much, Tam!
      So happy you are picking up that wonderful big camera of yours! I would love to see your photos show up in the Mud Puddles Flickr pool!
      It has been awesome to work with Annie! She is amazing!

  2. Yes, your photography is AMAZING!

    And "nature literacy"? Love it.

    1. Thanks so much, Deb!
      Isn't that a great concept? I love it too!

  3. I am so excited for this new project! The new blog looks lovely and inspiring and the topic is so very important in our children's lives. I got to see Richard Louv speak years ago after reading his book and it really made me want to make sure I got Ellie outside and exploring nature. I even find it hard for myself sometimes to get dirty and explore. This technology based world makes it harder and harder to get closer to nature... your new website is an inspiration and I will certainly be checking it out! Good luck on this new venture!