Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another View & Random Things

I often share this view from our backyard, but there is another view. We have to go a bit beyond the fence, around the trees, and dangerously close to a forest of cacti to take it in, but it is there. And it is amazing, and so very beautiful.

We spent a most wonderful day with KC, her mom and girls yesterday. I am painfully behind, and running on no coffee, so I hope to get to those photos soon. It was so fun to meet up, and it really did feel like we had known each other forever! So great! I can't thank KC enough for taking the time out of her vacation to meet up!

I have been busy over at Mud Puddles to Meteors and have neglected this little space of mine, but it is for a good cause and has been great fun to research and put posts together with Annie! I was hoping to get into a bit of a rhythm by now, but wacky work schedule has intervened in our lives yet again, and there is this giving up coffee thing, that might just have to end tomorrow morning.

There has been some super cute making going on around here too. I will be sharing that tomorrow with another Make and Listen Along post. Stay tuned!


  1. Dawn, that view is simply breath-taking and I am sure it is even more so in person! Amazing!

    You two have been so busy with Mud Puddles that I have wondered how you get anything done - you are a super woman nonetheless! I had no idea you had given up coffee - I can understand the challenge from a tea perspective. Does chewing on coffee beans count?

    The things we sacrifice to get where we want to be. It's worth it if it's for a love. I am working on it and losing sleep but since it's for a passion it doesn't bother me much. The journey is well worth a little less shut eye now and then! Then again, quiet time helps too. :)

    You are doing wonderful things!

  2. So fun, so fun. I forgot to mention while I was there that I did infact get my old sewing machine and serger back from my mom so many many things will be made in the future. And I will be joining in with the Make and Listen!

  3. beautiful view! How nice you met KC and her family-I bet you had tons of fun.