Thursday, January 23, 2014

Make & Listen: Alphabet Glue

As I mentioned last week, the making around here has consisted of a whole lot of Alphabet Glueish fun. And now, Volume Sixteen is finally here! It is a super neat volume filled with art inspired by bubbles, a super fun (yet, admittedly, hard to photograph) bird flock migration mobile, an adorable matchbox library, awesome book lists, and some super science goodness, all in one very exciting volume. 

I am always happy to jump in and create with Annie, my partner over on Mud Puddles to Meteors, because we always have a good time and well, you just can't beat creating something great with a friend. So, when she asked me to help out with this volume of the Glue I was more than happy to join in! And to be honest, my little people love to play around with ideas and experiments, so it is a win-win round these parts. 

If you already love Alphabet Glue, and know you want a copy of your very own ASAP, you can click right here and before you know it Volume Sixteen will land right in your inbox! 

If you are new to Alphabet Glue and want to read up a bit more, click on over to the Alphabet Glue website to get a feel for just what the hoopla is all about! It is good stuff; just scrolling down the homepage over there makes me want to go make something with my little folks.


It has been quiet around here on the listening front. My mom loved watching just how a volume of Alphabet Glue and posts for Mud Puddles come together. (It is always fun to share the process with someone so they can see just what you do when you do your "computer things.") We said goodbye to Grandma yesterday but while she was here there was also lots of play going on behind the scenes (sword fighting being a favorite activity, with proper sword wielding instructions and all).

Your turn.
Please share what you have been making and the tunes on your playlist. And don't forget to leave a link to your post if you played along so others can visit your Make and Listen posts. 

I have been trying to get around to visit your posts each week (sometimes it takes me a few days) and they are wonderful! Thanks, to all of you who are joining in and linking up!


  1. I wrote a quick post this week:

  2. I shared what we've been making and listening to this past snowy week.

  3. Beautiful bird flock! I have heard of Alphabet Glue and must check it out! Thank you Dawn!

  4. Very exciting!! It's always great to get something finished and out into the world like that. :-)

    Here's my share this week:
    We drew flowers and I carved a linocut that I love!!

  5. I had to return and tell you that I bought volume 16 of alphabet glue and what a wonderful resource of fun and inspiring activities! I only wish Ellie was a bit older so I could do all of these things with her! I'm holding on to the volume for when she's ready and will be popping into alphabet glue often now. :)

    1. That is so awesome, Summer! Thanks! She will be there before you know it! ;-)

  6. I love Alphabet Glue! Can't wait to go download issue 16! I posted a make & listen post yesterday about the latest issue of Amy's Art together series

  7. This was such a great issue--well done!