Friday, January 3, 2014

Words & A Giveaway

I have never picked a guiding word (a word to guide my thoughts and actions throughout the year), but this year seeing everyone share their word made me realize that this might just be a good year to start the practice, or a the very least try it on for size. 

I picked: 

As in to receive help, love, friendship, understanding, the unexpected, and so on... and do so with humility and grace. With this year of so many changes ahead I  know I am going to have to buck up and ask for help when I would normally suck it up and trudge through. But the point is not to be tough when I want to foster relationships and community; to have those things grow in my life I need to be more open to receiving what others have to offer, and hope they will be receptive to receiving from me as well. 

As I was telling Wes about this practice he jokingly said his word would be "rise," as in to rise above the bull ....

Well, it kinda stuck and over the last few days I have been reminding him to rise and we laugh and he does. 

This lead to a conversation with the kids during our walk down by the river. We went on to choose a family word. It is "chill." Things can get pretty intense around here - I don't talk about that much but it can be hard, and the need for everyone to have a reminder to chill out is necessary. We thought it was a good word for this year of upheaval. 

So there you have it... my word, his word, our word!

And now on to a little giveaway to kick off the new year!

Recently we gave away some Moon Calendars over at Mud Puddles to Meteors. Now that the winners have been chosen and calendars mailed off it seems I have an extra!

I would love to share that extra with one of you. 

If you would like a chance to win just leave a comment on this post by the evening of Sunday, January 5th.
I will pick a winner by random number and announce it here Monday morning. 

The winner is:

Amanda, who blogs over at Sweet Potato Claire.

Congrats, Amanda!

And thank you, to all of you who left comments!


  1. That would be a big hit with our crowd. Thanks for offering.

  2. Hey,that is really cool! I would love to have it! Thanks so much!

  3. I love your word. It's wonderful. Ours is focus. I need to it make my dream a reality and the boys need it for they are super energetic and sometimes focusing is tough, although I embrace their energy. :)

    Did you notice that Jan 1 was a dark moon/new moon - it's gonna be a great year! xx

    1. I did notice that! The kids and I watched the last little sliver the day before. It is going to be a great year!
      And "focus" is awesome!

  4. all great words especially considering the changes coming!

  5. Those are perfect words Dawn, for all of you, but I think receive is such a good one with the year you have ahead. Hugs xo

  6. Wonderful words Dawn. I have chosen my word finally. Slow I've got a post talking about it on Monday. But basically I need to slow down. There is no where I need to get to fast, so I want to savor this new year. Last year I rushed to much. That calendar is awesome!

  7. I think your word is perfect, especially like you said, for this year of changes.
    The moon calendar would be much appreciated by Celeste!!

  8. I would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!


  9. I like your word, his word, and the family word. <3 This is my first year to choose a word (Adventure) and I'm already seeing the way it can shape experiences. Best wishes for you and your family in this upcoming year, which will be so busy for you! XO

  10. I love that word, something I need to work on myself.

  11. We would love that gorgeous calendar and it'll remind me to take full moon walks with the kids (a goal for the new year)! Thank you!

  12. I love your 2014 word. I hope it gives your year the guidance you are seeking. :)

  13. I love how you have your words written on a chalkboard! I'm going to have to steal that idea! My husband's word is "practice" and mine is "balance". Happy New Year to you Dawn! (and love the lunar calendar)!

  14. I love your word! I chose poetry! I am loving seeing all the different words everyone has chosen. And I am very happy to see another opportunity for the join calander! I missed the giveaway at Mud Puddles to Meteors!

  15. love your word for the year~ I've not done much contemplation on the new year, new starts, etc as of yet....... I'd LOVE to win the calendar! had one years ago and really enjoyed it~