Friday, April 25, 2014

Make and Listen Along: Hanging Photos Version

~ On Thursdays I will post what I have been making and listening to as creations grow. 
If so inclined post, on your blog or flickr, about what you have been making (on your own or with little hands by your side) and listening to while you create. It can be new music, flash backs, a song or a whole album... whatever you like. You can be stitching with needle & thread, yarn, paper crafting, painting, cooking... and beyond. Share what you are making and the tunes that are fueling your creativity. Then come back to my Thursday Make & Listen Along post and leave a link in the comments so we can be inspired right along with you! ~

Alright. A day late here but well, life...

There has been plenty of making going on with the wizard of the house making up wizardly things (Thank you grandma for getting her started!), the Lego designer going full steam ahead and other projects here and there. The kitchen has still been somewhat busy with making goodness from this book and a few things from this book. But some of the biggest news around here is that we are finally moved in.
The photos are up!

Last weekend, after a whirlwind trip to Maine, we came home to do some work and "spring cleaning" of sorts on Sunday. Kinda funny to think about spring cleaning a house we have only been living in for a few months, but things like dusting photo frames and lamp shades were not my top priority when packing them up. (Okay, dusting is never my top priority, but especially when moving!)

After they were cleaned up, using a toothbrush to get between those really great little pieces of bamboo, they were hung up.

Now to get the photos updated!

The listening around here has been really quiet. Mostly listening for new bird sounds and finally identifying that really haunting sound coming from the forest, as the raven. And it was being dive-bombed by a crow as it flew overhead. (An exciting observation round these parts.)

Oh, and one more thing. I made an instagram account for Mud Puddles to Meteors where I am posting daily nature photos. I am still figuring it all out, and wondering about this cross posting with FB, twitter, and such, but so far having fun with it. If you are on instagram and want to follow along my account is: mudtometeors.

Your turn.

Please share what you have been making and the tunes on your playlist. And don't forget to leave a link to your post if you played along so others can visit your Make and Listen posts. 

I have been trying to get around to visit your posts each week (sometimes it takes me a few days) and they are wonderful! Thanks, to all of you who are joining in and linking up!


  1. I hope it wasn't sounding pushy yesterday when I asked about the making post!! I completely get that life is busy ♥.
    I have missed several posts myself!

    1. Not at all, Alex!
      This post is good motivation for me to get back to this space at least once a week! Wish I could post more here!

  2. beautiful display! I lost track of the days again. ah, well.
    I've been enjoying listening to the birds as well--the seasonal shift in calls and song. It's a really nice thing to live with daily, isn't it?

    1. Thank you, Amy!
      Yes. Those birds are a treasure for sure. The suet feeder went up this week and the first chickadee found it. Happy times!

  3. First thing I did this morning was check your blog and that meant I had to make a post too! ;) Thanks for that!

    Love that you are all moved in. Such a wonderful feeling!! I think I need to do some spring cleaning around here too!

    Joining in today:

  4. I haven't made anything this week, but I do love to see what you're up to. Happy Weekend.

  5. My making has all been on the computer. Top secret.... Soon, soon. Listening... mostly wind. it's been terribly windy her lately.