Thursday, April 10, 2014

Make & Listen Along: Essential Oils Apothecary

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The sewing machine and knitting needles have still been sitting idle, but I have been making some new spaces. 

For my birthday, at the end of March, my in-laws got me an apothecary cabinet for my ever growing collection of essential oils. We have been using essential oils for some time now and I am officially sold on their value in promoting health in our home. 

With this in mind I was musing about a cabinet to hold all of my oils and other things I use with the oils. My in-laws are always antiquing down in Maine and began a search for a cabinet. Of course, I had no idea this search was going on and was greatly surprised, and thoroughly delighted, to see the wonderful little cabinet filled with the most awesome little drawers show up on my birthday. As it turns out, they came up empty in their hunt around Maine but found one in Wisconsin and had it shipped in time for my birthday. Such an awesome and most perfect gift!

I have been fiddling with the best way to use the drawers and have hit upon a happy medium of placing our most used oils on top for easy access and a system that organizes oils in the drawers according to those blends used most with certain family members (each member of the family with their very own drawer) and a general extra supply drawer. 

There are also drawers filled with my oil reference cards and recipes, bandaids, and terra cotta pendants for diffusing oils around our home or in the car. 

I am super excited to have this great little cabinet sitting in just the perfect spot (centrally located for all to access) and filled with all the things we need to use the essential oils as part of our daily routines. 

To finish it off I placed the wonderful collection of succulents brought over by my dear friend Tamara. They look so fresh and vibrant sitting there. 

A great little space made in this still very new-to-us home!

We have been doing more baking and the kids have been doing lots of their own brand of making, all the while listening to our usual music selections. The Hobbit is still making for a nice nightly listen. (But there is only about an hour left so we are going to need to find a new audiobook soon!)

Your turn.
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  1. I want one of these so badly! What a wonderful find. I had every intention of joining you today but I ended up going to sleep at 9. This no blog post written. I will link up for tomorrow! I've been sewing up a storm. :)

  2. What a beautiful cabinet and special birthday gift!
    I posted today, trying to catch up on my making posts..might have another one soon!

  3. Wow, gorgeous cabinet, and you have found the perfect use for it :)

  4. Wow! What a fantastic gift! I love how you have it all set up!

  5. Yay! You got it all set up and it looks great! Love the idea of a different drawer for each of you. I have my oils in a little tea tin at the moment but I know I'll need something more in the future!

    I am intrigued by those terracotta pendants - been thinking of making something similar.?

    Happy plants! :)

  6. Oh this looks amazing! I've never seen the terra cotta pendants before. Do you wear them next to your skin?

    1. Yes. We also hang they on the bed posts at night with oils we want to diffuse.

  7. Thanks, everyone!
    We made the terra cotta pendants using the instructions here:

  8. Ooo, love the apothecary piece! I'm just getting into oils myself actually. I've not bought any yet, but have been researching companies and gathering information to pin on Pinterest. :) Going to make my purchase soon from Mountain Rose Herbs! Very Excited!

    I'm still listening to Harry Potter here. Just finished book 5! It's getting so good!

    1. Exciting, Danielle!
      I would love to hear more about why you chose Mt. Rose. Always looking to learn more. If you want to chat oils shoot me an email: