Wednesday, October 24, 2012

just what we needed

She did not want to go. He did not want to go far. But going and going far, that was just what we needed. A perfect leaf spotted. Vibrant colors overhead. Mushrooms of all shapes and sizes. Sailing stick boats downstream. Breaking up leaf dams. Playing in the perfectly wonderful saponin foam.

They both did not want to cross the creek. Boat launch location spotted. A few rocks hopped.  Hands held. Across we went. A perfect lookout rock. An extra special daring purple mushroom with a spectacular creek view. And a long fall to the water.

Downstream the bridge back across reminded me, once again, that with all the chaos that sometimes swirls around and even under our feet, the outdoors always grounds us.


  1. the outdoors always ground us, yes. i am loving this space and also missing your images on flickr ... so, it's so great to see them here! that one with the orange and the blue water, oh gosh gorgeousness!