Friday, October 26, 2012

Make a Match

The idea sparked. Pencils came out. Reference book. Card grid.
Off he went.

Growls where heard. A pencil came skipping across the kitchen floor. Frustrated.
Calm reassurance. All artists have stuggles.
Let it set overnight.

Renewed passion. Non-stop drawing. Coloring. Push away the eraser crumbles. Keep going.
Ask mom to read. Label.

Set. Twelve tanks. Ready for cloning (making copies.)

The game complete.
Make a match?

Satisfied. Excited. Proud of himself.

Another hurdle jumped. Another idea realized.

Building skills.
Adding knowledge.
Boosting confidence.


The Artist wanted me to record the "how to" of making the game:
  • Decide on the size of your cards. Measure and draw a grid on paper.
  • Pick a topic. Choose a reference book or real life models for realistic drawings... or just make fun drawings of people, nature or what ever interests you.
  • Once your drawings are complete clone them (make a copy) twice on cardstock (so you have two of each one... to make a match.)
  • Cover the back with another piece of colored cardstock (so you can't see through the back of the card.) Be sure to spread the glue all around (we used a glue stick.)
  • Once it is dry cut the cards and play.

P.S. Favorite tank book found here.


  1. brilliant, Dylan. i love that this a game that we could make oursleves, maybe as a gift? I'm thinking mushrooms or different colored squash or ....

    1. Thanks Erin. I love the idea of a forest or garden theme. Please do share if you make them!

  2. Would love to see Fionna's take on all of this....

    1. She thinks her brother is a pretty great artist!! She has some of her own projects in the works... I am sure she will ask to share them soon.