Friday, November 2, 2012

This Week

~While Halloween is not my favorite holiday I do love the simple nature of our Halloween trick-or-treat. Three neighbors who know and gush over the kiddos in their costumes (Soldier & Detective)... then a return home with happy hearts and extra special goodies just for them. 

~ Two large coyotes were spotted down the road. Always a concern. Wildlife.
But now I find myself extra nervous for the Naturalist to be out alone. Her favorite solitude.
The coyote here are not small or timid and have attacked.  Finding the balance in this is weighing heavy on me.

~ Stitching more by hand partly because my sewing desk has taken on a new life (for the little people.) Lovin' pushing needle through fabric but also missing the speedy nature of my machine always at the ready.

~ Over seven years since I was up in front of a crowd (teenagers everyday no less.) Finding myself a bit nervous this day.

~ Lovin' the words and images here.

~ Looking for ways to help those in the path of Sandy. Knowing a donation of blood and/or money is the best course of action. Choosing the American Red Cross.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and Happy Weekend.


  1. it is always a balance, getting out to explore but staying safe. i am out in the woods a lot by myself, haven't quite decided what i'd do if i found myself in a difficult spot. these days i am testing my boundaries with the black-tailed bucks working for dominance in the area. here's hoping you find the right balance - i love that she is such a naturalist already!

    1. Yes. I saw your pictures of those bucks!!
      I have often gone over in my head what I might do and talked to the kids about the many different things that "could" happen out there. I think they are as prepared as any kids could be at this point.

  2. oh yes, coyotes are definitely worthy of your concern. hopefully she'll take you reigning her in a little bit well, a learning lesson about wildlife, the natural world, boundaries... thinking your young naturalist will understand.

    1. She is doing really well with it. She is staying closer than I even expected her to... I was once more concerned about wild humans (in So. Cali). I am much happier to have this issue with wildlife now. Many wonderful lessons coming from it.