Sunday, November 4, 2012


A Saturday afternoon filled with handmade goodness and friends. 

Museum time for dad and the kiddos. The Naturalist favorite.

Simple albondigas soup and Paleo herb crackers. Warm. Yum.

A photo of my evening tea here

Early morning sweetness in china cups for the little ones.

Hiking up the hill to watch the sunrise. And lovin' the warmth of the smoke and vibrant reflections on the bay.

Click on this pic to make it bigger... so much more to see.

Early morning making with my little man.

Fireside Sunday.

A good weekend of warmth, family and friendship.

How was your weekend?

Next week I will be sharing all kinds a Handmade Gift Ideas. Be sure to check back for some holiday gift making inspiration.


  1. everyone’s carving stamps this week! :)

    1. Since we started carving stamps I have thought about your telescope stamp more than once! Love that one. What are you guys carving these days?

  2. stamp carving looks fun! that is something we haven't tried yet...might need to remedy that.

    1. I would highly recommend the purchase of a speedball stamp carver tool. We started out with a craft (xacto) knife and it was pretty difficult. The little man is currently addicted to stamp making. So great.