Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inspiration: Ice

On our creek hike we came across some very neat ice along edge of the quick moving water. Growing up in the sunny warmth of Southern California did not expose me to this phenomenon in my youth. After five years of living in the seasons I continue to be amazing at the structures and sculptures nature creates along the waters edge.

I was reminded of a hike along the lake a few years back. We came across a shore side rose. Bright red hips decorated with icy creatures marching along... The kids adored these little icy animals.

There is much to see and love about nature in the winter. Much more than just watching the pretty snow fall from the warmth of a fireside window.

I do love to bundle up and get out there in it!

Do you have a favorite winter nature phenomenon?


  1. These are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks. Lovin' ice and snow flakes this winter. I guess I do every winter. Gotta love what you get!