Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making: ...Nest...

My little man wanted to make some necklaces as gifts. I have no jewelry making experience.. but he had a good idea of what he wanted to make and I was more than willing to help make his vision become real life jewelry.
We headed to the craft store so he could pick out some supplies. Wire, ribbon and such...

Yesterday we made his necklaces... which came out super great. He said I could share after the giving season.

He went off happy as a calm and I was sitting with the wire and other supplies at my fingertips. I remembered seeing this bird nest necklace and that was the spark I needed. Without coming back to the blog to see just what she did I started weaving wire. Once I was happy with the structure I wanted to bring in some fiber. Out came the floss and yarn...

Then the eggs. What to use for eggs?

I love collecting tiny things. I have a little bowl filled with the tiniest of tiny shells. They were just what I needed.

I am smitten.
I love this little nest.

I thought of making it into a pin. Then I thought a necklace. My mom had some other cute suggestions. I also love to look at it just sitting on the little desk... and I carried it around the house with me for much longer than I would like to admit.

What do you think?
What should I do with this sweet little nest?

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