Saturday, January 26, 2013

Goodbye for now... and a few more things


We are almost all packed. The beds and a few other odds and ends are all that remain in this sweet little house. We were talking yesterday about how this house still retains a sense of warmth and homeyness even when "empty" of the contents of our lives. The lucky ones who have a chance to dwell within these walls in the future will be truly blessed.

There is a nice layer of snow on the ground and the weather has been bone chilling cold. The wood stove that has kept us warm all these years has been working overtime... as have the wood splitters of the house. A chore I do enjoy for not only the physical nature of the task, but also the peaceful time to clear my head in the cool outside air. In the hunt for a new spot to call home a wood stove is high on the list of things to look for...

The big map is out. The route has been mapped over and over. And a very hilarious twister type game played... those tiny states in the east are tough, even for little feet!

More journals have been made. Since you can never have too many journals... and the littles have been reassured that we can always make a stop at a bookshop along the way for even MORE journals!

Along with all those other things we are brining to occupy our time books are essential.

Here are a few that are being taken on the trip...

In my book bag:
Lousia May Alcott: Her Life, Letters, and Journals - read about why here.
Workshops Work! - I am also working on a family writing workshop for the road trip. I will share more about that when we get settled.
Project Based Homeschooling - My post about PBH can be found here. Lori has also started up a PBH for Grown-ups. It is great.

In the kids book box:
The Year at Maple Hill Farm
The Wishing Club
Wildflower Tea
Lousia May and Mr. Thoreau's Flute
Out of the Ocean
The Gardener

Today we pack the computer. From here on out I will be communicating with the iPad as I have access to WiFi.

I will post pictures to Flickr (I am Dawn Suzette over there) and Twitter (@DawnSuzette) and Facebook (Dawn Suzette Smith) as I can along the way.

Also you might like to check these things out while I am away:

~Amanda used some of my photos to put together little winter slide show over at Kindred. Winter can be so pretty and I think she picked a wonderful quote to go with the winter seed photos.

~If you have not joined the fun yet... and are looking for some motivation to get the kiddos out this winter check out the Go Explore Nature: 2013 Winter Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt. So fun!

~I love the felted embroidered stones made by Lisa over at lil fish studios. She is doing a beautiful project and would love to have your send her a stone. We have one to send from here and are going to be on the lookout for a NM stone to send.

And so...

If I don't "see" you on Flickr, Twitter, or FB in the next few weeks I will see you back here on the flip side!



  1. Enjoy every moment of your journey and travel safe.

  2. Oh the road ahead, how the terrain will change. So excited to see the outcome! Safe journey my friend!

  3. best wishes for a wonderful and safe journey! xoxoxo

  4. Wishing your family a wonderful journey to your new home and can't wait to see when you are getting settled in to the high country of NM.

  5. Have a safe trip and move! Can't wait to see your photos of your adventure.

  6. very safe travels to you..... and epic adventures along the way!

  7. i just found your lovely space here,, happy cross continent travels!! Look forward to "seeing" you at the other end!!!

  8. What an amazing trip! One you'll remember all your lives, I'm sure! Have fun, be safe and take lots of photos! (And thank you for taking along my book for the ride.)


  9. Goodbye from Canada! Have a safe and wonderful trip to your new home. Happy Adventures!

  10. I love Lousia May Alcott too. Good choice. Love your blog and eye for beauty.


  11. just coming back to leave you a little note — miss you & look forward to hearing from you again soon. :) xoxoxo

  12. Thank you friends! We did have an amazing trip... I will share it soon!