Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekending & Lovin'

A few things I have been lovin' as we kicked off the weekend early round here...

Brownies for birthday breakfast.

Putting off Friday cleaning chores.

Birthday wishes from friends and family! Thanks everyone!

Colorful high desert sunrises.

Ants with crazy, huge mandibles protecting their turf... a monstrous rotting log. So small, but so brazen! Something to be learned there.  

 This beautiful birthday card painted by my talented mother-in-law. When I told her I wanted to frame it she suggested I cut it in half to put in two frames side-by-side. Love that idea. That is exactly what I am going to do... now a fun hunt for frames! 

Babies doves grown and now fledged. Can you spot them both in the picture?

The naming of the dove family... Papa Tom, Mama Mary, and babies Junior and Ranger.

A trip to shop for fabric. All but one of the fabrics I picked had hints of blue...
My unusual attraction to blue this trip can only leave me thinking that I am missing the ocean more than I would like to admit!

Sewing with the little lady. She is very into patches and wanted to start sewing her collection on a sash... We are working out plans for a state flag patch exchange in the future. Sound fun?

More seed sowing. Little people have been closely monitoring what we have popping up so far. Hopefully their attention will continue on to the tending, and weeding, phase of gardening!

The Spanish Moss Leg Warmers in this book calling out for me to knit them. If I get started now they just might be finished by November!

Chatting about yarn and shops on Twitter. Which led me to find this shop we are going to visit today! Thanks friends for all the yard and online shop advice!

All of the wonderful comments on this post. Many thanks to everyone for sharing! 

What have you been lovin' lately?

~Weekending with Amanda~


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. The card is beautiful, can't wait to see it framed.

    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thanks Kim.
      I have already been frame hunting... I think it might take awhile to find just the right ones. I will share when I do!

  2. I hope you find lots of yarn to be inspired with! I found one dove in the photo, they are very good at blending in with their surroundings!! Not a fan of ants especially southern ones, they bite! Our weekend was nice and slow :)

    1. The other dove is on the lower righthand side at the bottom, very blurry. They do blend in beautifully!
      These ants are Red Ants... I have had a bite from a fire ant and that is no fun. The guide book did not say if these have a bad bite. I imagine they would with those jaws! We need to do more investigation!

  3. What a beautiful post.
    My mother in law is an artist too. I should hint at her to paint my next birthday card ;)
    I love your choice of fabrics. What do you plan on making with them?

    1. Oh. Yes. Handpainted cards are now offically my favroite!
      I am thinking of making a few more little aprons, like the ones being giveaway over at Kindred right now, and a few other projects in the design phase. Fun stuff!

  4. Love that bird fabric! And your MIL is such an great painter. Did you end up cutting the card in half?

  5. She is amazing. We have both water colors and mix media work from her all around the house. LOVE!
    I have not cut it yet... waiting to find the right frames.