Saturday, April 13, 2013


This week seemed to speed by in a blur but there was still plenty to love!

I have been lovin'...

a field trip to the local nature center where as newbies to New Mexico we learned a lot and met up with some local homeschooling families again. Love.

this chocolate. Especially this one. Oh. My. So yummy!

did I already mention the rain this week? Oh, yes. I did. Well I loved it!

this post made me smile and feel the love.

water colors. A new set of water colors from a wonderful friend and a project I can't wait to share... but must!

blossoms. These, although so very far away, made me happy to see. So beautiful.

the tree across the street. The one I get to look out at from my big kitchen window while I do dishes. Anyone know what it is?

clouds. They have been amazing this week. Like feeling like I might crash the car while cloud gazing amazing.

this book about William Beebe, which (along with finding a dead bird last week) inspired the girl to want to learn taxidermy. Not sure I love that part yet.

What have you been lovin'?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I have never tried that chocolate, but I do love the combination of cherry and almond of another company...yum!!!

    Hmmm...taxidermy, have fun with that one.

    Thanks for the link love :)

    Happy weekend!

    1. It is a great combo right! I had never had it but love it now!

      Taxidermy... yes. It should be interesting to say the least!

  2. you should definitely also check out the local university’s ornithology department to see their collection of preserved birds! xoxo

  3. Not sure if I should be thanking you or cursing you for the chocolate temptation. I have been attempting and failing at curbing my addiction...but those do look lovely and delicious. And love those clouds. I loved those big sky vistas when I was living/working on the New Mexico/Colorado border. Be sure to put the Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado on your list of spots to explore. I have a hunch you will all love it.

    In addition to loving the cherry blossoms this week, I have also been loving the chance to finally get my hands back in to the dirt. Lots of weeding and planting which all felt so very good.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank me! For sure... it is too good to pass up! ;-)
      Great Sand Dunes is on the list. F is making sure we hit all the National Parks within a days drive within the next year!
      Dirt is so good!

  4. P.S. please share more about that nest in the first image...wasp? bee? something special to New Mexico?

    1. It is a hornet nest. They often build nests close to where the mourning cloak butterfly lays its eggs in a cottonwood tree. The hornets then collect and carry the small caterpillars back to the nest. When the caterpillars grow they actually cut them in pieces to carry back to the nest. Amazing!
      The mourning cloak is the first butterfly to emerge in the spring here because the adults actually fold up there wings and overwinter in the bark of the cottonwood trees. In early spring they emerge and lay eggs on the cottonwoods. The caterpillars hatch when the leaves begin to form. They create silk that makes the area look similar to a tent caterpillar but they eventually drop down on a thread of silk to drift off and find other food... and away from the hornets in a situation like this!
      We are loving learning about all these new things and are so lucky to have an awesome nature center right on the river in town!

  5. Such wonderful things! We've seen a cherry tree or two around here. One of my dreams is to go to Japan to see the cherry trees in bloom there.

  6. I am envious of the blossoms! None hear as of yet. Taxidermy, oh my!! Aren't you an adventurous mom to even think about it! When my children were young they were bug collectors thankfully the bugs were released once identified :)

  7. I think the tree may be a Dogwood? We have those too, and they are just glorious.