Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Sometimes we all need reminders that there is still good in this world... even when horrible things happen.

Last weekend not only did we soak in the natural beauty all around us but we also encountered many nice friendly strangers along the trail.

People who said hello with a smile as they passed, those who commented about the amazing weather, the woman with the dog who we talked with about the snakes... all good friendly people.

Terrible things happen in this world daily. Sometimes they hit close to home, but wherever they happen they are horrible.

Good things happen in this world daily. Sometimes they are overshadowed by the bad. But they are there and they are plentiful.

While I will not bury my head in the sand I also choose not saturate myself and family with the media images and play-by-play sensationalism that feed the fear and fan the hatred. The facts help us make informed decision about everything from travel safety to where to place our vote... media hype does not.

My heart goes out to all those affected in Boston and around the world by violence.

Peace, gratitude and love to you all...


  1. It looks like a beautiful hike.

    We have not been saturating ourselves in the news either, in fact I have not even watch any coverage, can't bring myself to. I have listened to the radio, but that is it for now.

    Today I will look for the good, the small simple things that are so very good in my day.

    1. And there is so much good to find in those small simple things!

  2. agree with you completely xoxo

  3. amen. there is so much good in the world. to paraphrase something i read yesterday: darkness gives light a place to shine.

  4. I can just smell the vanilla of those ponderosa pines. Such a different forest then the ones here. Each with it's own beauty.

    Boston is a sad affair especially in an event which brings so many people together for good. But there is always light in the dark somewhere.

  5. There's always a balance of the two. Blessed are those who seek the goodness even when it's almost impossible to find some. I hope those people who did the bombing will realize how evil they are. And realize that there is nothing really to gain by killing lives.

  6. To see the beauty beyond the crack and the ache. I love your heart. XO