Sunday, June 30, 2013


 Lately I have been lovin'...

Our time down by the river

Designing some new patterns.

Sewing more of these with some pretty fabrics.

The cottonwood snow... although not loved by others round these parts so I mostly keep that to myself & the littles, who happen to help me craft wonderful stories about the summer snow.

Researching shop options. Esty vs. Big Cartel.

Collaborating with a wonderful friend on a very cool project. More on that and a launch of something super fun tomorrow.

Feeding the ducks.

Essential Oils. This one for focus, peppermint for calming my tummy, a special blend for my little lady.

Starting The Hobbit with the little ones. Not the easiest read-aloud but they are lovin' it so far.

This cookbook. So good and the recipes sized for big groups make for great leftovers!

Having the time to stay and watch a dragonfly emerge into adulthood. Always amazing.

This post has had me thinking a whole lot lately... in lots of good and positive ways.

What have you been lovin' lately?


  1. love your photos so much <3

    the river looks amazing — i didn‘t realize you were so close to water!

    thank you re: mentioning my post. :)


    1. Thanks Lori!
      We actually have two rivers; one runs through town (where these pics were taken), the other behind our house along the bluffs. I can sometimes get a peek of the one out back.
      They save my ocean missin' soul!

  2. Oh I love how you have woven the words through your photos! sublime! I am so envious of your outside space. What glory of the southwest. I also quickly clicked on your last link to the PBHS about, how as adults, we have to pick ourselves. wow. I just glanced at it but was struck by how much that is true.

    thanks so for the links.
    your beautiful photos have made my day!

    1. Thanks Rebecca!
      I do feel pretty lucky about the nature all around. The rivers are definitely bonus points for this area!
      The pick yourself post is awesome. She also followed up with a post about helping kids to pick themselves. Love!

  3. Such good things! We were watching a few videos about butterfly life cycles the other day and those we so interesting to watch. So seeing that dragon fly immerge in real life must have been so cool!

    1. Neat. I will find the link to F's favorite dragonfly video and pass it on. Very cool!

  4. Oh yes, I adore the cotton wood "snow". :)

  5. Great images and I do not know what cotton wood snow is! But I'm sure google will tell me once I've posted this comment. Thanks for the cookbook recommendation, my sister follows a paleo diet and I'm sure she would love to enhance her shelf :)

    1. Cottonwood snow is simply the cottonwood trees shedding their seeds. They are fluffy white and with just the right breeze float along and fall down like snow. Fun and pretty (and for some people a big fat mess.)
      That book would be an awesome addition to her shelf!

  6. Replies
    1. ;-) and you know my lens is not that great so he was really that close! Super fun!

  7. Some great photos! I particularly love the river and dragonfly photo... 2 of my favorite summertime things. We have cottonwood aplenty here too.. still not sure how I feel about it. It's a love/hate thing ;)

    1. Thanks Susan!
      I have the whole sequence of the dragonfly emerging. When I get a chance to get through all of the photos I will post them. Super neat!
      LOL love/hate the cottonwood snow. True!