Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Along the San Juan River


While not officially summer just yet it sure seems like it here. This hike was at mid-day and it was a hot one. 

Field Notes:

: We hiked a long the same river trail we used in the spring. It was neat to see all of the changes over such a short but active time span. 
: There were many more wildflowers in bloom and the grasses were already going to seed.  
: While the butterflies and the bees we saw in spring were elusive there was no shortage of locust and cicada, loudly pronouncing their presence before they were even seen. 
: We saw cliff swallows going to and from nests made of river mud. We could hear the babies begging for food. 
: A heron flew overhead to find a perch on the rocks overlooking the river. So majestic. 
: We spotted what we thought could have been a beaver dam and possibly just a quick glimpse of the beaver swimming. It dove down so quickly it is hard to be sure.
: The lizards were not as active this time of day but we did spy a few in the shade. 

It will be fun to return in the fall to see a new season along the river.

Do you have a favorite trail you like to see in all seasons? What do you like best about it?


The kids and I are off on a little road trip to Grandma's house. 
I will still post a Make & Listen Along post on Thursday for those of you who would like to play along. I would love to have you join us!


  1. Looks like a great hike! Yes, we do have a favourite trail we like to visit in all seasons. We love the birds, the changing scenery, the wild plants and the peace and quiet of it.

    I actually posted about it today, we visited on the weekend :)

  2. have fun visiting family! I love to walk our wooded road during all seasons. I think it's most beautiful in the fall due to the many colors of the trees.

  3. This looks lovely! Sweet little lizards and herons:) There is a great trail by our home called Coffee Creek and each season is magical with the creek running through it. The winter is so quiet, the spring with its trillium and shady flora and the summer with all of the sage and lavender....beautiful! XO

  4. WOW! beautiful photos!!! It certainly looks hot out there though! We haven't found quite a favorite trail yet here but we did do a little walk in Carpinteria the other day that we had done in the winter and it had changed as well. So many wildflowers!