Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Hummingbird Nest

The kiddos are in a wildlife program on Wednesdays this summer. Last week my girl stayed behind with me in the garden while brother went on a long hike with the group. Upon return the big news was the spotting of a hummingbird nest. As if that were not enough there were babies and while they were observing mama hum came to feed the babies. Highlight of his week for sure!

He wanted to take me back to see it and yesterday afternoon we finally had the opportunity. 

We walked to the foot bridge crossing the river and he quietly stopped at just the right spot and pointed in a most secretive way. At first I did not see it. Then I was amazed. A perfect little nest made of spiders silk holding two wee babies. 

Can you spot it?

As wild as it seems this nest is right over a walking path that travels under the bridge. The nest is in that branch crossing the path.

 We quietly walked under the nest and I snapped a few shots. We moved off to find a good spot to sit and observe. He really wanted me to see mama hum come back to feed the babies.

We waited for some time with no parents in sight, although we did hear a few hummingbirds in the distance.

Making our way back up onto the bridge we sat for a few moments longer to watch the babes. It was hot and their beaks were open, as we have seen many birds on these roasting summer days. But we talked about the location of the nest, being as it was directly under a larger branch for shade and protection from the pounding thundershowers that roll through. Smart parents those hums. Location. Location. Location.

Although I did wonder about the location of a nest so close to so much human activity. It almost seemed as if they placed it there just to be seen. To share a glimpse of their amazingly tiny world with us.

Whatever the reason my little guy was so very proud to share a new experience with me. My first hummingbird nest in the wild.


  1. So amazing! I have seen a hummingbird up close twice, and both times it was like being visited by a benevolent spirit. They are so very special.

  2. With all the hummingbirds I've seen in AZ I've never come upon a nest. That's a very cool sighting! :)

  3. Love hummingbirds. Such a special moment for him to share it with you I am sure :)

  4. WOW! I've never seen a hummingbird nest-lovely images.

  5. Happy we could share. It was amazing to see... a wonderful first to share with my little man!