Saturday, July 27, 2013


It seems like summer is whizzing by and there is still so much to do and see. I don't think my urgency is quite as warranted as it once was. Summer extends quite a bit longer here than in Nova Scotia, but with everything so new it feels like there is much to learn before fall sets in and life out in the world begins to tuck in for the winter.

This week I have been summer lovin'...

Time in the city garden with my girl and the grasshoppers. And the pure delight she gets from being around them... even when they hop into her hair, especially when they hop into her hair.

The way photos take on a whole new life when the subjects within are anthropomorphized.  What is that ant thinking?

Cacti. They have their own beauty.

Skippers. I have tried for years to get a good shot of a skipper but well... they do skip around quite quickly. There was a group of them in the garden feeding and they were more than happy to have me close by, as long as I did not skip around much.


Seed pods are already showing up here and there. They don't hold the soft beauty of a flower but have their own unique rustic beauty that I love.

These sweet little white flowers showed up this week. I used the wildflower guide linked below to identify them as whorled milkweed. What a great name!

Around the web I have been lovin'...

This Southwest wildflower guide. It is amazing.

The outdoor weaving in this Backyard Art Camp post by Crafting Connections.

Amanda's new class.

Audubon guides Butterflies and Insects and Spiders apps on sale.

Amy opening her new shop. Don't tell, but a certain girl I know has a birthday coming and a sweet little embroidered pouch from Amy is one of her gifts. The hermit crab embroidery is just too cute!

This post about the Jr. Ranger Program. It is a wonderful program that my kiddos love and it is great to see other families excited about it too!

What have you been lovin' lately?


  1. love that milkweed! we have plenty of the common varieties here but the one fancy variety i bought for my butterfly garden never flowered. :P

    1. Sorry yours did not flower. Try again! These are so pretty!

  2. As always, what wonderful images! You are so right about this NS weather - it seems like the summer here is almost over! Just one month left -Eek!

    1. Yup! Get out and enjoy it as much as possible!
      And thanks!

  3. Fionna and the Hopper... :)
    However; when the Hoppers hit the Owens Valley when I was her age they came like the Biblical plague of locust. I don't recall smiling much. If you stood outside for more than a couple of minutes; they covered your whole body. YIKES !!!

  4. Thank you for the mention, Dawn, and thank you for helping to identify the skipper that visited our deck this week!

  5. I love the grasshopper photo the best, she looks so happy and comfortable with nature. I'm not sure I would be as thrilled to have a grasshopper in my hair!