Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Seeking Water

It has been rather nutty around these parts but we are still here making and playing and most of all, water seeking whenever we get the chance. 

Creek or river we will take it. When we find one has dried up we move off to seek water elsewhere. 

We have heard from more than a few folks in town that the rivers are extremely low, creeks that have never dried up in the past are dry now and so on about the water. 

That was my one stipulation about moving. Wherever we go there must be water. 

So... it is here. 
We will find it. 
They need it. 
I need it.

What have you been seeking out lately?

P.S. If anyone knows what kind of fish that is we would love an ID. Fish ID is not our strong suit... yet.
The kids could not help but skew the tenets of natural selection by helping a few of these creatures up stream.


  1. A couple of summers ago we visited the beach after a hurricane (when it was finally re-opened) and there were comb jellies everywhere. My oldest tried to toss every single one back into the ocean. <3

    I'm sorry you're having a hard time finding water, though, Dawn. And here I'm surrounded by it and am finding it hard to face getting us all up and packed and to the beach for the day--which is very unlike me.

  2. Water is very scarce around these parts as is green. I think those are two things I constantly seek. We are planning a trip north in search of those soon. Not sure on your fish, but love that you are skewing things a bit. We do too.

  3. You must be missing the ocean so much!
    I can't get enough of it. I would go every day if I could! Keep searching the water. I love your photos :)

  4. I admire your adventurous attitude to your new place and seeking out what there is to discover. We have a pond down at the bottom of the hill that I will appreciate much more after reading this post. I cannot help with fish IDing. He looks like a fish to me :)

  5. As we're actively looking at land I can say that water, hills or mountains, and four seasons are on our list. My dream list would include: low humidity, mild summer, no mosquitoes :)

    1. Well, you just described here. Come on over ;-)

  6. Looks a lot like rainbow trout.

    Oh, water. The drying up of streams and lakes has always been a sad point for me. It's been a part of my whole life growing up in the desert. I'm glad you found some water though.

    For me I must have mountains near by. Having grown up with the Sandias I need a mountain to gaze at.

  7. Beautiful photos and I love that you are helping Nature along the way. What special memories for your children. xo

  8. Beautiful pictures!!! Love that first shot! Makes me think of running wild as a child in the hills behind our house.

  9. I grew up by a river..... still fond memories of it. Must get these kids of mine to the beach soon....

  10. Thanks Everyone!
    Nice to see so many other water lovers out there!
    We figured out the fish is a Desert Sucker Fish.