Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When a branch comes down...

When a branch comes down around our house there is only one logical thing to do... count rings!

The other night a branch broke off of the big tree out back. It was too late to take care of it so it was put off until morning.

After breakfast the little man headed out and within moments came in requesting I bring out the saw. He really needed to find out just how old that branch was, a saw was necessary!

I cut. It was hard work with the little saw I had on hand.

He counted.

Then someone had the bright idea to cut into a knot. It was harder work.

But was super cool. So worth it.

He picked out various sized bits of the branch to cut samples and lined them up for counting.

We cut some extra samples too for future art projects. He thought they would make great owl eyes. I have to agree!

It was nice to spend time talking about trees and there amazing growth. I asked if he wanted to look at some of the books we have about trees but this was enough for now. 

It was a fun morning. Just him and me and the tree.


  1. I would agree! That sounds like a fun time to me!

    1. Amazing how the simple things can be so fun! Must remind myself ;-)

  2. i think it sounds like a lovely way to spend the morning and you managed to squeeze in a workout with that saw ;-)