Thursday, August 22, 2013

Make & Listen Along

~ On Thursdays I will post what I have been making and listening to as creations grow. 
If so inclined post, on your blog or flickr, about what you have been making (on your own or with little hands by your side) and listening to while you create. It can be new music, flash backs, a song or a whole album... whatever you like. You can be stitching with needle & thread, yarn, paper crafting, painting, cooking... and beyond. Share what you are making and the tunes that are fueling your creativity. Then come back to my Thursday Make & Listen Along post and leave a link in the comments so we can be inspired right along with you! ~

This week has already gone by fast but there are all kinds of projects in the works. 

For my girl's baking project she choose to make Biscotti. I have thought about making it over the years but was a bit intimidated by the process. Without any perceived notions of difficulty she jumped right in and they turned out great! 
I am really learning to love this project!

The recipe for these almond meal Chocolate Chip Biscotti can be found in Gather.

I started matching up fabrics for a bunch of small projects in the works. This fat quarter my mom passed along to me is filled with chicks, hens, roosters, and fiddle playing bunnies and is just too sweet. I think I finally found the perfect project for it. More on that soon...

There are also plans for skirt making over the next few nights so I pulled out a few fabrics I thought would be perfect. My girl is running low and with her big double digit birthday this weekend I figured it was time for some fresh new skirts.

The green dandelion fabric was cut and started last night... I had better get busy!

I have made this pattern for years because she likes the spin factor of the three tiers and once you do the math and make one they come together pretty quickly.

So I found myself doing some math yesterday afternoon (even algebra for those of you with kids who ask when they will ever use it.)

Amy directed me to this online tutorial which is amazingly simple so I might even have a few more skirts ready than I anticipated. I will be sure to share after the big day!

I have also finished sewing up a little something for Kindred. Here is a little sneak peek but you will have to wait for the mag to come out in October to see the rest...

There has been a whole lot of thunder playing around these parts. It has made for quite a spectacular show with its accompanying partner lightening.

I have a list of new music recommendations from my twitter buddies but have yet to buy anything new... it has been so busy. This duo, this band and this lovely lady have all been in the mix, along with the favorite tunes of the Smithsonian Folkways

What have you been making?
What is on your playlist?
Please do share!

P.S. Today is the last day to enter the giveaway for the Track Casting Kit! A winner will be announced tomorrow.


  1. Gorgeous fabrics! The finished skirts are going to be beautiful--can't wait to see them!

    I finished the baby sweater, made a matching hat, finished watching Merlin, and began tearing apart the studio so it'll be less cluttered (hopefully). I'm not listening to anything new either. I need some suggestions!

  2. So much goodness today, love the fabrics.

    Can't wait to see the skirts :)

    Joining in today

  3. Oh the Biscotti looks delicious! She did a great job! I can't until Ree wants to start baking as a project. She does love to help me in the kitchen!! I love all your fabrics. Last summer when I asked about a simple skirt tutorial Amy showed me that link then too. It is very simple and easy. I should make up a few more myself! We haven't really been listening to anything. I should ask on Twitter for suggestions for the younger crowd! Ree loves music but I'm at a loss of what to play for her!

  4. Beautiful fabrics!
    I can't wait to see the skirts!
    I will post soon, but last week wasn't very productive..

  5. swoon. love the fabric with the chicks and fiddling bunnies!

    a wee bit of making and listening on my end:

  6. Here is my post:

  7. so much Making in your household! Love all that fabric! Especially the bunnies playing the fiddle!

  8. you have a talent for picking out fabric, I love the prints! I am amazed at your neat beautiful handwriting :)

  9. Still working on the hat from weeks ago as other things came first. I managed to pick it up yesterday while the kids played with friends at the park and it felt so good to have the soft wool wrapped around my fingers. I took a quick boo at the skirt design and it looks great! Hmmm...wonder if I can do that in my size...;)

    Tell your lovely girl that her biscotti looks amazing and give her a huge huge birthday hug from us all!