Saturday, August 24, 2013

Project Based Homeschooling Master Class

I mentioned recently that I have been taking the Project Based Homeschooling Master Class from Lori. The class recently ended and I while I found that my well was full, I was primed to still take away buckets and buckets more knowledge to help our project work grow; not only from Lori but from my classmates as well. I wrote a little testimonial for Lori, here is what I said about the class:

We have been using the methods and techniques of Project Based Homeschooling for five years. I have read countless posts on Lori’s blog, pored over her book with highlighter in hand, and exchanged many lengthy emails sharing and ironing out the details of our journey. Still, when she announced the Project Based Homeschooling Master Class I jumped at the chance to learn even more. And I have! The class has provided me with not only access to Lori and her thoughts on a whole new level, but also a great cohort of classmates with which to share, bounce ideas off, and garner support from. It has been the push I needed to take our Project Based Homeschooling to a whole new level. Whether just starting out or a veteran of project based work there is so much to be gained in taking this course. 

And those are some of the most brilliant things about this course; while it certainly gave me plenty to work on during the process, tons of new insights from Lori, and an amazing support group during the class, those things won't end with a last email coming from Lori to send us off into the world of Project Based Homeschooling. With the class forum still open to not only read but also exchange ideas and support from classmates it has become a community more than a "class" of people. With Lori still there, available on the forum, through email, twitter, and facebook she is modeling exactly what she wants for us: to be a mentor. And that is what she is, a mentor in Project Based Homeschooling. One that I feel very fortunate to have!

I have plans to share a bit more about our homeschool and processes over the next few weeks. But for now I wanted you to know that Lori is enrolling for two new session of the PBH Master Class that will start soon (Aug. 27th & Sept. 30th). Whether you homeschool, are thinking about it, have little ones that have yet to turn school age, kids that go to school, heck... if you know any kids, this is an awesome class about how to mentor them to help them follow their interests and passions. For that matter, if you want to know more about how to follow your own passions and create an environment and family culture that supports everyone at your home in their pursuits, then this is a great class to help with all of those things and more!

And now I am off for a weekend of birthday fun and celebration for an girl about to launch into the land of double digits! The big 10 birthday this Sunday!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. dawn, thank you so, so much! :)

    happy birthday to your girl — hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I'm so excited to start the class! And you've reminded me I still want some of those collection boxes...perhaps as a reward for working on organizing our spaces. ;)

    Happy birthday to your girl! I hope she loves her new pouch. ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to the class so much too!
    Great post.