Monday, August 5, 2013


This weekend was...

Seeds looking much to much like fall for this weather.

Being chased off the river trail by the bugs of the biting sort (and my lack of bug spray because we have not needed it since Nova Scotia.)

A departure from the well beaten path to see some new farmland, and spectacular mountain clouds along the way.

Finding the most amazing volcanic rock along a new-to-us trail. 

Taking dad to see the baby hummingbirds and being amazed at how much they have grown.

Enjoying the shady parts of the path.

Me happy to have my specimen container (the little tin always with me on hikes and walks) for the collecting of a wasp, some cottonwood seed pods, and a molted exoskeleton from a grasshopper found by this eagle eyed girl of mine. 

And there was some reading, making, writing, and dreaming mixed in there too!

Hope you had a great weekend!
Wishing you a wonderful start to the week!

Joining Amanda for weekend love.


  1. Oh a specimen container...what a great idea, adding one to my backpack right now :)

    Great photos!

    1. Thanks Kim!
      The specimen container is great to have along for the little fragile finds that would not survive a trip home in a pocket!

  2. That lava is really incredible! It reminds when D and I walked out onto a newly cooled lava bed in Hawaii. So sparkly!

    I so love coming into your space Dawn. It always fills me with a sense of adventure!

    1. It was super neat.
      Thank you for your kind words! :-)