Thursday, September 5, 2013

Make & Listen Along: Week of Handmade Revisited

~ On Thursdays I will post what I have been making and listening to as creations grow. 
If so inclined post, on your blog or flickr, about what you have been making (on your own or with little hands by your side) and listening to while you create. It can be new music, flash backs, a song or a whole album... whatever you like. You can be stitching with needle & thread, yarn, paper crafting, painting, cooking... and beyond. Share what you are making and the tunes that are fueling your creativity. Then come back to my Thursday Make & Listen Along post and leave a link in the comments so we can be inspired right along with you! ~

I am not one to push the holidays and I cringe when I see holiday decorations and items on sale way, way to early. The exception I make in this department is with the starting of handmade gifts. Handmade gifts are wonderful, personal expressions of love but they do take time and therefore are best started early to avoid the stress of trying to do too much in much too little time. 

Last November I gave a little presentation at the library about some of the quick handmade gifts I had made in the past. Being November, with the holiday season creeping up fast, they had to be quick ideas! But seeing as I plan on giving all handmade gifts this year I am starting that extra making right now. 

I thought it would be fun to revisit some of those posts and provided links below. 

I am still listening to the sounds of nature and our usual tunes as I create. No holiday music until November at the earliest but I am sure it will be playing at my mom's house before the end of this month!

Are you giving handmade this year?
What have you been making?
What is on your play list?
Please do share!


  1. What a group round up of crafting fun, thanks for sharing.

    Homemade this year for sure. We managed a full on homemade Christmas last year, well, we did purchase a few books, but that was it. Not sure if we will manage that this year, but if not, it will be pretty close.

    And yes, I have started holiday making already :)

    1. I have seen your holiday making Kim!
      You are going to have some pretty lucky recipients!

  2. Aw, thank you, I'm really getting in the mood now! We made a stencilled cotton bag, which incidentally I thought would make a great present too.
    I still have a shawl on the needles that was intended for my mum last Christmas but never got finished - maybe this year. I have hope. I am in the planning stage for other presents - I'm sure I will use some of your ideas.

    1. LOL. I have a hand stitched quilt I have been working on for my mom for years now... one of these years!

  3. what a great collection of ideas! xoxoxo

  4. I remember when I first found your blog I spent way too much time going through all of your tutorials! Thanks for the list link!

  5. This will be a post I need to come back and revisit!
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas. We have started talking about the holidays and I feel that we will be skipping the gift exchange, but I do love making homemade gifts...
    I will be back next week.

    1. I hear ya Alex!
      We are scaling back more and more each year!

  6. Thanks Ladies! I hope you find something helpful here! xo