Monday, October 28, 2013


Fall leaves & puffy white clouds.
Wood delivery (the driest wood I have ever seen).
Family stacking the woodpile & homemade chicken soup.
Knitting by the fire.
A lazy morning making plans.
A crazy mountain hike filled with sun, rain, hail, and a whole lot of mud!

Mama lesson: clean muddy shoes right when you get home no matter how cold you are - it will be worse the next day.

More fireside knitting.
A little knit project dreaming and thoughts of another trip to the yarn shop in Colorado.

Almond scones & eggs.
Too much time spent cleaning very muddy boots - three pair!
New boot shopping. (Not because of the mud, because we have been needing them for too long. Promise!)
More work on an exciting project.
A walk by the river.
An amazing feather find (thinking it is a red shafted flicker). 
And of course, cottonwoods!

Weekending with the talented and inspiring Amanda!


  1. What a weekend! I agree on the mud on the boots, right away is the best policy. Though if we don't do it, the job of cleaning them later goes to the hubby :)

  2. That is a good feather! KInd of jealous. I won't lie.

  3. lovely! My dad used to have us stack the firewood and haul it in, not an easy task. Why is it that muddy shoes left muddy are impossible to clean. My daughter did a anthropological field trip a few years ago and the boots were just trashed. Mind you she has tiny feet and they were cheap from the boy's section, but still, I tried my best to de-mud them.

    Love the leaves and the colors!-I love fall :)

  4. Those fall colours are just sooo beautiful!!! I find this time of year so invigorating and it drives me a little crazy that I have too much work to do today to go outside. Promise do make up for that later!

    The feather is just lovely! I haven't managed to pick up any unusual feathers on our travels....yet...

    I'm curious to know what you are carving away at....?!

  5. new mexico has the fall that i love best. i've experienced many but there is something about the colors and crisp mountain air there that i just love.

  6. beautiful, beautiful. every single photo. xo

  7. We found a ton of those feathers on trip up the mountain one day! I think the bird must have gotten into a fight. We brought them back to our nature table. They have been used in all manner of art projects now. I love that picture of your kids! It makes me miss them I wish we could all hang out again.