Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Almost time to go...

The waning moon rise yesterday morning.

Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments on my previous posts! I have been popping into Twitter and sometimes posting a little something to facebook, but have mostly been packing this last week. Speaking of social media, I will try to post a few things from the road on Twitter if you want to follow along for little updates.

Yesterday was a doozy for packing & cleaning out. Well, cleaning out the little man's room. Everything else had been visited multiple times and weeded out pretty well. But his room, oh, my! We got through it and he was primed and finally felt okay about letting some things go. That was good. 

I have to make a manifest to show the contents of our truck when we cross the border. I had to do it when we went to NS the first time but not coming back to the US. I stopped packing at box 97 last night. Now, keep in mind some of those "boxes" are shoebox size boxes, or the microscope case, or a little craft box filled with paints, and come in all sizes. 
Keeping track of our my stuff has been an exercise in creative labeling.  Far too many boxes were listed as "craft supplies" so I had to start being more specific for my own sanity (and that of Wes), so now there are "painting supplies," "stamping supplies," "sewing supplies," etc... The manifest looks much better now. But there was really no other way to list books so there are still a whole lot of "book" boxes!

I have spent time over these last week scheduling some posts to the Mud Puddles to Meteors blog. With Annie starting her new teaching job, and me moving across the continent, we knew we would need some help. Some wonderful friends have stepped up to share posts these last weeks and leading all the way into March while we get settled. A big thanks to, KC, Alex, Kim, and Shelli
We really started Mud Puddles with the idea of creating a community where families could share and this feels like a great step toward making that part of the site happen. If you ever want to contribute a nature walk, project, or special nature find please let me know! 


Today we pack up the last little bits, and after a breakfast of bacon and eggs, the rest of the kitchen. Tomorrow we pick up the Uhaul truck to load and Friday we will be on our way to Nova Scotia. We are figuring about 7 days... crossing every finger and toe I have about the weather. I am admittedly more nervous than usual because I will actually be driving the whole trip this time around. (I will drive the Jeep with kiddos in tow, and follow Wes and the Leo kitty in the Uhaul truck.) There is one day where we will travel through lots of major cities including DC and New York, but my plan is the tuck in behind Wes and just get through! 

Thanks for all of the good travel vibes!

I will check in on the Atlantic coast! 


  1. Such an adventure for you, driving all the way, you go!!! Safe travels my friend.

    PS Thanks for the shout out, you know how much I enjoyed writing those posts :)

  2. Hello again… Wishing you good safe travels! If only we had known how close by we all were, you could have come over to our mountains for a little visit. I will look forward to getting to know you here at your blog. Thanks again for the lovely gifts, the closeness of it made it extra special!
    Renee <3

    p.s. the quilt tops!!!!! If you weren't on your way off across the country I would be on my way over to sigh and sigh and sigh over them!!!!!!!! (hopefully you would have let me gently touch them too!!!)

  3. Good Luck on your cross country adventure! Take care and be safe!

  4. Good luck! You can do it. ;) I'm hoping to drive me and the kids from here to DC in can handle those cities, I know you can!

  5. Oh my on the cusp of such a big change. Please send a postcard when you get settled! :) I'll certainly be following on twitter.

  6. I will certainly miss those beautiful nighttime pics of your view. So glad you have a lot of them to remember it with.

    Sending you safe travels energy and we will light a candle every day of your travels. See you soon!