Monday, February 24, 2014



This weekend was somewhat busy, but good, with healthy doses of downtime when needed. Wes' parents were here visiting from Maine (a trip planned before the big moving plans were set into motion).

There was...

- The last day of work for Wes on Friday! Yay!
- Hiking a goodbye hike on one of our favorite New Mexico trails.
- A visit to Aztec Ruins.
- Lots and lots of Mexican food - because we all miss it when we live in the east!
- And some BBQ for good measure.
- Some packing... but not too much.
- Talking to Annie on the phone while she & her kiddos hung out at my parents house for an overnight stay while waiting for their flight back home. Fun!
- Along with Olympics, this documentary, and lots of talk of family, dreams, the future, and the crazy twists and turns of life!

I also laundered some quilt tops that I have been told were pieced together by my grandmother. I honestly don't know the whole scoop but they are pretty amazing. They were a bit musty but the dry desert air did them lots of good!

I could not help but complete geek out on taking photos when I went out to check up on them... because you know, I really had nothing else to do...

It will take a lot of work to get them back into shape to make finished quilts but it is certainly a "someday project!"

We are on the 4 day countdown... 
Lots of packing and cleaning ahead over the next few days.

Hope you have a great start to the week!

*weekending with Amanda*


  1. I will certainly miss seeing your amazing images of New Mexico, and those sunsets!

    Those quilt tops are amazing! Makes me want to start cutting fabric but we've already been to the fabric store today to get some fat quarters to make the boys some of those super fast and easy zipper bags! A quilt is on my 'someday' list as well. Thanks for all the close-ups as there are some very cool pieces of fabric there - and seeing them hanging on the lines makes me think of spring and I like that! (think I am almost done with winter!)

    Hope your packing is smooth and travels easy and safe. See you soon. :)

  2. beautiful quilt! Good luck on relocating, it's going to be SO much fun!!!

  3. Oh those quilt tops are beautiful Dawn. Four days...yikes! Good luck on the final preparations and safe travels.

  4. Those quilt tops are treasure. Thanks for the eye candy.

  5. what beautiful quilt tops! and that third photo- wow. I love it.
    best wishes with your upcoming move! I hope there's a happy package waiting for you in that po box in Maine!

  6. Wow, such lovely colors. You will miss the smell of the desert. I will send you sage brush the next time I go to NM. :)

    Sending you good packing vibes. I'm excited for you though I will miss you being so close.

  7. I'm glad you "geeked out" on the photos! Those quilts are AMAZING!!!