Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lovin' & WIP Week

My WIP week was an epic fail. My sewing machine looked like this all week...

My desk looked much more like this all week...

That is the bad new in terms of sewing. The good news is that those sewing projects are still going to be there next week, and for however long it takes me to complete them.

The other good news is that I completed some non-sewing projects that really did need to get finished and I feel much better about that.

I asked myself last night why I did not get them done and realized that it is not because I don't want to finish them but because I just made choices that focused on my priorities.

I followed though on commitments, gave time to the request for extra batting practice at the park, read those extra chapters because they really wanted to know what happened next... All important things. All meaningful things. All things that, this week, took priority over sewing. All things I love.

Some other lovin' this week...

The first baseball game ever for the little man! He was so exited and it was great fun to see him take the field.

Lori. Can I just say Lori and link to her every week? She does have a new blog for sharing kids projects. So neat and these kiddos of mine shared. Fun!

Talking to the local taxidermist and hearing his enthusiasm to chat with my girl about his craft. We will meet up with him next week!

Patricia's post on grammar. Patricia is right there with Lori... just follow them already. They are both awesome!

Seeing all of the wonderful words and images over on the Kindred blog this week. Beautiful.

Designing a new little project to submit for the next issue of Kindred, with the theme of "tend" in mind.
Did you know you can still order the last wonderful issue? You can. You should. It is amazing!

What have you been lovin'?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
It is looking to be sunny and extra warm in these parts!

If I owe you an email, thanks ahead of time for your patience. Hoping to get some time to respond this weekend!


  1. Maybe it's the time of year. I have so many, many things I want to be working on, but none of them have happened! I am determined to do some this weekend, though. :-) Wishing you a good one--

    1. Thanks Rita!
      Maybe it is this spring in the air. Time seems to be going by too fast!

  2. aw, you’re so good to me. thank you! :o)

    looking forward to sharing the taxidermy project on the new blog! :D

    1. xo
      Ha! We will see about the taxidermy project. I am so interested in her reaction to it all this week... Live (or should I say dead) and up close!

  3. Good stuff!

    I've been neglecting myself in favor of making sure my kids are happy and this morning it all blew up for me. So I put myself in time out and took a shower and made a fancy omelet just for me and no one else and then I ate a handful of ripe strawberries (normally I let the girls eat them because they love them so much.) And I have started mama reading time. Where I pick up my book and get to read a whole chapter and the girls must do something else besides ask to entertain them.

    1. Yes. It can be tough to find time for yourself. Especially at the age your girls are now. We have done a quiet time after lunch each day that works great for us. I just tell them that even mom needs quiet time. At some ages it was easier than others and there have been times we have lost the routine... but i realize we really need it. Now that they are older it is an hour. So nice!
      But even that hour did not find me sewing this week ;-)

  4. I hope you have the best time at all your little man's games. We are huge baseball fans here, last year my husband coached 4 teams and we didn't have a son on any of them.

    1. Oh. My. You guys do love baseball. How great of him to take on all that coaching. Our little guy has a great coach...focusing on the basics but not hard core on the six-year olds!
      My hubby and I played sports though university but this is our first adventure into organized sports for the kids. It has been great fun so far!

  5. Love this post and I oh so know about projects that are put off for other things. Then when I have completed the thing I put off I wonder -what was I doing putting this off.

    Also somehow I just love the simplicity of your space, but I understand you might want to change it. I have spent a lot of time over gazing at the Etsy templates for blogger if you want a recommendation. xo

    1. Ha! Yes.... Loosing track. I make lists and even loose track of those sometimes!

      Thanks about the blog... I do want to keep it simple, just clean it up a bit. Like that extra little bar that extends past the header drives me crazy... And I want to move things around a bit... Just need to spend time to figure it out. I might just have to spend some time looking at Etsy templates too. You have piqued my curiosity.

  6. it sounds like our weeks were similar ;-) it's all about priorities, right? that is exactly where my focus will be this week (again).

  7. Gee, thanks for the words of support, Dawn! I'm going to use a bunch of exclamation marks, in honor of Little Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been lovin' listening to these fantastic interviews about healthy food on the Food Revolution Summit. Good, thought-provoking stuff!