Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekending & WIP Week

Yesterday was...

clean up in the backyard
baseball & his first ever uniform!
reading about space
crock pot meatballs that are like a meal on their own
watching the sunset on the bluffs
sewing in the studio
late night bedtime... again

This morning was...

up early with coffee
thinking about the lakeside hike planned today
organizing in the studio
making lists

While I would love to do Kids Clothes Week, goodness knows these kiddos need some new clothes, I have really been thinking of doing a WIP Week.

When I mentioned stopping by to pick up some fabric for KCW I got the look. You know the look. The one that says, "What about all of the projects you still need to finish?" And I knew he was right.

Not only do I have a very long list of projects "in progress" but I also have a sketch book that really wants it's ideas to become real life objects. In order for that to happen this studio of ours must be cleared out and some of these projects must get completed!

So a compromise. Two of the projects on my list this week, that are in progress, are kids clothing items. That covers the kids clothes... for now. The rest are miscellaneous projects for round the house and a few non-sewing projects for a collaboration that will be completed today!

An honest assessment of my list tells me that I won't get everything on the list done this week. I am shooting for some doable things that are really close to completion or super quick.

Here is the list for sewing projects this week:

:: Little River Rug. Which is not little at all since I expanded it to combine four sections the original pattern. I just need to create the binding and sew it on.
:: Froggy Skirt from the deconstructed dress (kid clothes!) All we need to do here is make the casing and thread the elastic through. I am told I will get help with this.
:: Park Ranger Green Pants for the girl (another kiddos clothing item)
:: Sowing apron for a friend. This one is oh. so. close to completion because well, the whole apron does not even take that much time!

It is a pretty busy week ahead, with one whole day being spent in the mountains for a program, but with some focus I think I can make a dent in this WIP list.

Do you have some projects to finish? 

I will be checking in here this week with a few progress reports. On Saturday I will share what I completed.

If you want to join me this week dig into your projects.... sewing, knitting, drawing, painting, whatever... What do you have in the works? Share what you are working on. Come by on Saturday to link up with what you have finished!

I will still do the make and listen along this week too!

Off to make this cake for breakfast... Thank you to Kathreen for the link last night!

Have a great Sunday!

~ Linking up with Amanda for weekending.


  1. Oh, please share the results of the cake! Any ideas on the measurement conversions?

    1. The cake turned out yummy. I used 2 3/4 cups almond meal. I usually don't have sugar in the house as I don't use it often but I happened to have a lonely bag of powder sugar in the back of the pantry... I used 2 cups. The castor sugar in the recipe would be called "super fine" in Canada... Not sure what it would be called in the US?
      There were lots of different opinions about the conversions online so I just did my best and it work out and was not over the top sweet either.

  2. I'm all for list making and lake walking! Love the pile of fabric, such peaceful colors!

    1. Those fabrics are so nice.... Hopefully I will get to them sooner rather than later!

  3. today was a long hike in the canyon, followed by splitting and stacking wood, and now a long overdue bathroom cabinet clean out. i want to hear more about those meatballs!

    1. Yay for hikes and chopping wood! You are doing great getting it done now!
      The meatballs are the Marvelous Meatballs from Everyday Paleo. I have never had a ton of success with the slow cooker but these always turn out great and are loved by all!

    2. thank you! i'm going to give those a try. a friend recently loaned me a copy of "the paleo slow cooker". looking forward to finding some good paleo crockpot recipes!

    3. Let me know if you find some great recipes in that book. I could sure use some more slow cooker recipes

  4. I would love to see bits of your sketch book. I bet it's lovely!

    1. Maybe I will do a little sneak peek post one of these days! :-)

  5. i'd like a peek into your sketch book as well. also, i've been meaning to say, i'd like to hear about your approach to sushi making!

    1. We still use rice in our sushi... A treat. :-)
      We use smoked salmon for filling now... Imitation crab has all kinds of nasty in it!
      Then I add avocado, carrot, cucumber, sesame seeds, etc... And roll in Nori.
      There are some recipes out there for cauliflower rice but the man is not a cauliflower fan so I have not tried it.

  6. I am curious now, what is a WIP week? xo