Saturday, April 20, 2013


Lately I have been lovin'....


The boy has been lovin' The Story of Salt.

We have all been so happy to see our seedlings turning into plants!

 I am especially happy about the basil! Two varieties!

Using parchment to line the muffin tin! Brilliant! Because I never have muffin liners.

I am not so sure I really do love this but I am hoping I will so here it is...
Using a pattern to make the girl some pants... Regardless of how I feel about it, she is lovin' the Park Ranger green she picked out so hopefully that means she will wear them! Thinking positive here.

I have been so happy to have my machine stitching away again after some quiet time.

And to be working on my denim rug from this book.

Other things around the web I have been lovin'...

The Art Contest for National Fossil

These beautiful note cards 

This post made me smile & has lots of awesome links. Oh how I love pockets! 

Lori's Project Based Homeschooling for Grown-ups continues with this great post

Doing some dreaming over in this shop. I have not made an order but there are a few too many things I want in my cart!

Post by Jennifer about identifying themes to help one focus

What have you been lovin' lately?

Oh... one more thing. I have never participated before but thinking of getting patterns and fabric together to participate in Kids Clothes Week, which starts Monday! 
Have you every done it?


  1. oohhh so many good links to check out!

  2. I have done kids clothes week in the past. This year is a bit too crazy until we close on our new home. Love the lists. Thanks for the salt recommendation. My youngest has been talking a lot about it. And those muffins may make it to the breakfast table today.

    1. Let me know what you think of the muffins. We make them with and without the apple. Honey on tops makes them beyond super yummy!

  3. Thanks for the mention Dawn....I love these love lists, so many great things in fact I had to wind my way back to make a comment here ;-)

  4. The "Go Wild" book looks awesome, and hope your pants turn out well!

  5. thank you so much, dawn :)

    seeing a sewing pattern gives me PTSD. ;o) all the sewing i’ve done as an adult has been freehand!

    i loved jennifer’s post, too!

    really jealous of your seedlings; i didn’t pull it together this year, so my seeds will be going into the actual ground. :)

    1. Yeah. Not so sure about sewing pants from a pattern but need to do something to clothe this girl. She is impossible to buy for! ;-)

  6. Once he's done with the Story of Salt he should read The History of Salt. Amazing book.

    I have done the kids clothing week challenge. It was fun I made a ton of stuff. I really need to make some new clothe this season allas I still don't have a sewing machine. I'll join in the fall...

    Lovely links. Thanks!

    1. I think it is the same author. This is the kids version. So neat. Now I do want to get The History of Salt for me!

      I am thinking the fall is going to work better for me too. Need to finish things up and prep better!