Saturday, June 15, 2013


This week I have been lovin' so many things...

Seeing the image I took of my little naturalist on a promotional banknote. And learning a bit more about how money is made. 

Hot weather has us inside a bit more doing projects. Being inside is not necessarily a love but projects. Yes.

Paper mache. We have not done a lot of paper mache in the past but that might just change. Very fun!

Yucca flowers. So pretty in the front yard and all around town.

Tracking our produce stickers for a week. I am not lovin' the waste but becoming aware of just how much those little bits of plastic add up. Below is three days of stickers for us.

Solving mysteries.
As I was photographing the roses the other day I noticed one had been munched on.

When I look a bit closer I saw who was having a delicious rose snack.

First tomato flowers. I don't know if this little desert garden is going to make it. The weather has been so hot, in the 90's, and I am having a hard time keeping everyone watered and happy. We will see...

From around the web:

Trash Backwards. A very cool site created by two mom's working to reduce their families impact. This video about their story is cool. 

Two paper mache sites we found this week:
The Family Crafts site as a neat video about paper mache bases ideas.
And Ultimate Paper Mache has a ton of inspiring ideas and techniques. Check out this dragon!

Chrissy at Heart box Studio has done it again. Making magic by weaving her beautiful words with 
photographs that draw you in with the grand and the small details of a place and time. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! 

What have you been lovin'?

Winners for the Kindred giveaway have been announced here. Thanks to all who entered!


  1. that bank note is too cool!

    love all your photos. <3

    paper mache is so much fun — and once you master it, not *that* messy. ;o)

    1. Yeah. Is that not too cool. The designer contacted me while we were still in NS. They produced thousands of them for promo. The folder it came it is an awesome look at the bank note world. Amazing!

      Wait until you see what D is building with paper mache! It brings to mind the statement, "go big or go home!" And it all started with Lego. Once finished it will definitly be one for the Kids blog!

  2. The bank note looks great - congratulations and how exciting! You have some wonderful pics and I love the one of the grasshopper (?) peeking through the eaten rose petal.

    1. It is pretty cool. Quite a process. Remember when I first told you about it!
      That is a baby Carolina Locust :-) It was pretty funny to see it there.

  3. love the bank note! I hope you don't accidentally spend it ;) I dislike those stickers on my food immensely, they are a waste and a pain to peel off on fleshy foods.

    1. Ha! I am surprised that F did not ask if she could! :-)
      It is unreal how many we have collected and our week is not even over. They are such a waste!